Alternative Treatments for Bronchitis

Best Alternative Treatments for Bronchitis

If you or one of your friends or family is suffering from bronchitis, and you are looking for the best alternative treatments for bronchitis, don’t worry, you can get rid of bronchitis with homeopathy combined with medicinal herbs – and importantly – you can stop it from repeatedly coming back.

This is important, most alternative remedies for bronchitis are not enough on their own to clear bronchitis.

Let me explain…

Nearly thirty years ago, I repeatedly had bronchitis. It was the continuous need for antibiotic prescriptions that led me into the field of natural health – and completely changed the direction of my life.

It was only when I was diagnosed with bronchitis for the third time in one year, that I concentrated on finding an alternative natural remedy for bronchitis – one that actually worked.

I was totally committed to finding an alternative treatment for bronchitis that helped me to stop coughing, helped me to breathe easier – and helped me get rid of the persistent bacteria in my infected lungs.

Before I show you the bronchitis breakthrough that I made in 1993, let’s have a brief look at bronchitis. Let’s get a better understanding of it, that way, you are far less likely to ever suffer from bronchitis again.

First of all…


Bronchitis is infection or inflammation of the bronchi, which are the large and medium-sized airways in your lungs.

What are the Symptoms of Bronchitis?

Your Bronchitis symptoms may include

  • coughing up mucus or phlegm
  • wheezing
  • being short of breath
  • chest pain
  • lack of energy
  • loss of libido
  • depression

It is easy to read this shortlist and think that bronchitis is not too serious, but as someone who used to suffer from bronchitis,. I know how dreadful it is, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Contrary to what you will read elsewhere, there are

There Are NOT Two Types of Bronchitis

There Are THREE Types Of Bronchitis

Before I tell you about the third and most common form of bronchitis, we can look at the medical profession’s view. They tell you there are two types of bronchitis, they are

  1. Acute Bronchitis
    This is when you get a chest infection and the whole episode normally lasts 2 – 4 weeks. It is when your lungs get infected with bacteria, yeasts, and molds. It is extremely painful, as every time you cough you feel like you are having pieces of your lungs ripped out.
  2. Chronic Bronchitis
    This is when the above acute bronchitis just won’t go away. Your coughing persists, your pain persists, and the loss of energy continues. Many people with chronic Bronchitis are suffering from depression – and I don’t blame them.

    This symptom of depression is often overlooked. Fortunately, with the breakthrough that has been made in the alternative treatment of bronchitis, depression is beginning to be a thing of the past.
  3. Recurring Bronchitis
    This is when you get acute Bronchitis, you have a few weeks of misery and it goes away. Then just as it is becoming a memory, after a few months clear, you get bronchitis again.  This sequence continues, on and on, usually treated with antibiotics.

    Recurring Bronchitis is the most common form of bronchitis.

    It usually, but not always consists of smokers. This is because the antibiotic treatment for the first bout of bronchitis actually weakens your immune system. Tobacco smoke then also weakens your immune system, allowing repeated chest infections to occur.

    Recurring Bronchitis then becomes a part of the smoker’s life. Unless they treat it with something else other than antibiotics, they will end up with chronic bronchitis, them emphysema, then COPD. Probably.

What are the REAL causes of BRONCHITIS?  

There are only a few common causes of Bronchitis. They are:

  • At first glance, it appears that the main cause of Bronchitis is bacteria, yeast, and molds breeding in your chest cavity. Occasionally it is also appearing as a viral infection.
  • Sometimes, though more rarely, bronchitis is caused by inhaling dust particles or another irritant.

If you look at your body under a microscope you will see that it is 100% covered in living organisms. Also, if you look at your lungs under a microscope, you will see that they too are 100% covered in living organisms.

So, how come you have got bronchitis? How come the normally harmless tenants in your lungs are now causing you problems?

The answer is this. The thing that is responsible for keeping your tenants in order is your immune system.

If your immune system gets compromised or weakened, then the tenants begin to take over and cause you problems. That is when you know you have bronchitis.

So, the question should be…

What Causes My Immune System to Become So Weak?

It could be one or more of many things, including toxins. The list goes on, but the biggest cause of bronchitis, ie: your weak lung immune system, is smoking tobacco. I am, not going to tell you to quit. Not here…

If you don’t smoke, check out the three other main causes of bronchitis, them being
* poor diet
* high levels of stress weakening your whole system
* lack of exercise, allowing toxins to build up in your body.

I was a smoker from the age of 13 to the age of 30. At 16 I smoked at least 20 a day, at 20 I was smoking 40 a day. At thirty I had recurring bronchitis and my health was in a downward spiral.

None of us can go back in time and we all make a string of mistakes throughout our lives. If you smoked in the past and you have bronchitis now, then smoking probably caused it. If you still smoke and you have got bronchitis, no prizes for guessing what you need to do.

However, if you feel you cannot stop smoking, for whatever reason, it’s your life. There are still many things you can do to get rid of your bronchitis.

A Quick Word on Bronchitis and Self-Blame

Because the usual cause of bronchitis is smoking, it is very common – and understandable – for bronchitis sufferers to blame themselves. Especially if they are losing their breath, their sex life, their hobbies, etc etc.
But hang on a minute.
Are you a machine? No.
Are you are a robot? No.
Where you born with a lot of common sense?

Probably not.

Common sense is when you look back and see what you should have done – but you didn’t – because you are a human.

And we humans make mistakes. A lot of them.

You were born to make mistakes – and smoking was one of them, that’s all.
You did the best you could at the time.
You did your best.

You can get rid of bronchitis – starting today – without drugs.
I did.
Over 300,000 others have done too.
Now it’s your turn to stop coughing, stop wheezing –
and get your energy back.

But more on that later. First, lets find out a bit more about bronchitis.

What are the best herbs for Bronchitis?

If you have got bronchitis, then you will have been prescribed antibiotics for the almost regular chest infections. Though, they will have probably saved your life, the regular use of antibiotics means that your bodies immune system will be harmed by these drugs.

Whether you are religious or not – whether you believe in a divine creator or not – your immune system is a part of a much bigger system, called Mother Nature.

It seems that given the right circumstances, and given the right ingredients, your body can heal itself. Maybe not 100%, but your body’s immune system really can make you breathe much easier – given the right herbs.

It would be intelligent for you to use all the help you can get from Mother Nature.

When looking into the best herbs for treating bronchitis, I looked at my existing knowledge, then spent a great deal of time trying and testing other natural and herbal treatments for bronchitis.

They included:

Cure for Bronchitis in Ayurveda

There are several ayurvedic herbs that could help bronchitis. However, in my experience, if you have taken or are taking antibiotics, useless cough medicines, steroids, nebulizers, and any other very strong medications, the subtle effect of ayurvedic medicine will not affect you strong enough to make any noticeable difference to your chest infection.

I am not saying that ayurvedic herbs could not help your bronchitis, I am saying that when I was looking for an herbal remedy to treat my bronchitis, I was looking for a more powerful impact on my chest infection and breathing.

Chinese Herbs for Bronchitis

A very good friend of mine is a fully qualified Doctor, trained in China. She is also a fully qualified Chinese Herbalist, as well as trained to the highest level in acupuncture. She is of the same opinion as me.

Once you are struggling to breathe, even struggling to move sometimes, then the effect of Chinese herbs is too subtle in the presence of the man-made drugs. Though I have seen her provide amazing relief to patients with her acupuncture needles.

If you have got access to a good acupuncturist, then I would recommend acupuncture to help you breathe easier.

Whilst this is only anecdotal, I have personally interviewed a man in his fifties who was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, which is a life-threatening lung disease. He had been given a just few years to live by the ‘specialist’ at his local hospital.

He refused the standard treatment and was treated every day with acupuncture, Chinese herbs and Thai Chi.

He now appears to be extremely fit and healthy. So, if you can get Chinese treatment when you first get diagnosed, then you could try Chinese bronchitis treatment.

Salt Therapy for BRONCHITIS

This involves breathing or inhaling tiny crystals of salt into your lungs.

I have seen it provide mild relief from a tight chest, and it provides a feeling of empowerment and self-help, which is extremely important. You can get a small Himalayan salt inhaler from Amazon for about $40, but I personally do not think it will make a big impact on the physical symptoms of bronchitis, and it will NOT get rid of your chest infection.

The Best Herbs for Treating Bronchitis

There are three herbs proven to be by far the best herbs for treating bronchitis.
They are
organic cinnamon
organic thyme
organic clove

These herbs and spices are very common and are readily available anywhere on the planet.

But – the herbs were NOT strong enough on their own to consistently get rid of bronchitis.

After a great deal of research with a fellow homeopath, I combined these plant extracts with three homeopathic treatments for bronchitis –
the combined effect of homeopathy and herbs – got rid of bronchitis and chest infection very quickly.

This is because the treatment is used in such a way that it is introduced directly into your lungs.

This herbal and homeopathic combination bronchitis treatment will help you in three very important ways.

  • They will kill off any bacteria or fungus which are in your lungs ON CONTACT.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have taken nebulizers, antibiotics, steroids, or bronchodilators – then you have a much higher chance of having fungi and bacteria breeding in your lungs.
  • You will be able to breathe much easier because these herbs will have removed the bacteria and fungus which is causing the chest infection.
  • You will cough much less – because you will have a lot LESS MUCOUS AND PHLEGM
    Not only will you be able to breathe easier and you will be coughing less, but as you will have less need to take antibiotics –
    your immune system will start to get stronger.
  • This is an amazing benefit of this natural herbal/homeopathic remedy for bronchitis.

The new herbal/homeopathic treatment for bronchitis has helped many thousands of men and women, young and old, in 27 countries, people breathe easier- and live happier, healthier, more energetic lives.

Many people with bronchitis now use the herbal/homeopathic bronchitis formula on a regular basis.

What is the best homeopathic treatment for Bronchitis?      

Homeopathy can be one of the most powerful treatments of bronchitis.

However, normally a homeopath would interview you, the bronchitis patient, at great length, asking you questions for many hours, to establish the ‘best’ treatment for your bronchitis. The trained homeopath has tens of thousands of potential bronchitis homeopathic treatments to choose from.

However, from much experience, it often came down to just a few common, yet obviously powerful homeopathic bronchitis remedies.

They were:

Bryonia 12c

Causticum 12c

Antimonium tartaricum 12c

We found treating bronchitis patients with these remedies – combined with the herbs organic cinnamon, organic thyme, and organic clove helped get rid of their chest infection very quickly. Homeopathy is science and like every other science, it is changing and making new discoveries.

Traditionally, a homeopathic remedy would never be mixed with other substances that may alter the healing properties of the remedy. However, as mentioned earlier, we decided to mix the homeopathic remedy for bronchitis with the herbal remedy for bronchitis – just to see what the results were.

Wow, the results were incredible.

The new bronchitis treatment literally stopped people’s coughing and helped them breathe easier – in seconds.

By combining the herbal extracts with the homeopathic treatment for bronchitis – somehow the belt and braces approach boosted the effect of this natural bronchitis treatment.

If you would like to read more about this try this combination herbal homeopathic remedy for bronchitis just click the link.

alternative Treatments for Bronchitis
This new Alternative Treatment for Bronchitis Stops The Infection and Coughing FAST

There Are Short Term, Medium Term, And Long-Term Benefits Of This Bronchitis Formula

  1. Short Term Benefits
    You will be able to breathe easier – in seconds
    You will cough much less, and you will release excess mucous almost immediately
    You will be taking control of the situation, having a positive impact on your breathing

  2. Medium Term Benefits

Because your lung infection will be gone, you are breathing easier, you will be getting much more of your energy back

You will have much fewer chest infections – because the cinnamon, thyme, and clove are natural antibiotics.

3. Long Term Benefits

You will no longer have or potentially get Chronic Bronchitis.
Just because you have been diagnosed with bronchitis does not mean you have to keep getting it – even if you have smoked for years.

Bronchitis is NOT a life-long problem, it is NOT a death sentence.

The past is not your future.
We all make mistakes throughout our lives – that is to be human.
Just because you smoked in the past does not mean you are stupid. You did what you thought was best.

Now is an opportunity for you to fight back.
To reclaim some of your health back.
You can completely get rid of bronchitis, in FACT.

How to Use the New Natural Treatment for Bronchitis   

Remember the olden days when people inhaled all kinds of things in steam baths?

Well, it turns out that he best way to treat bronchitis is to inhale the herbal extracts and the homeopathic remedies – directly into your lungs.

The tiny droplets of steam and vapour will deliver the healing antibiotic herbs directly into your lungs – without damaging your immune system.

The tiny droplets of steam and vapor will deliver the healing homeopathic treatment directly onto your delicate and damaged lungs – and your healing will begin immediately.

How to Use This Herbal Homeopathic Bronchitis Treatment.

Treatment for bronchitis in AdultsYour bronchitis formula will arrive in a small 30 ml brown glass bottle. Simply add 6 drops of the treatment into a bowl of steaming water, put a towel over your head – and gently inhale.

The first time you use the treatment will surprise you! As the tiny droplets of natural healing extracts enter your lungs you may cough a little.

 That’s good. Inhale again and allow each tiny drop to begin the healing process.

If you have a bronchial chest infection, use the remedy three times a day – and once at bedtime. After a few days your infection WILL be gone.

Then use the remedy once per day to boost your healing, help your breathing and help boost the health of your lungs – and reclaim some power over your lungs – and enjoy your life once more.

What are the Ingredients in the Bronchitis Formula?

Alternative Treatments for Bronchitis Homeopathic Ingredients:

Bryonia 12c Causticum 12c Antimonium tartaricum 12c

Alternative Treatments for Bronchitis Herbal Ingredients:

Organic Thymus vulgaris

Organic Cinnamomum Zeylanicum

Organic Syzygium Aromaticum

The US Government Scientific Proof for these Bronchitis Treatment Ingredients

This Government Website Gives Scientific Proof and Evidence That These Ingredients Help Get Rid of Bronchitis

Alternative Treatments for Bronchitis

The above plant extracts have been cited in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. They have full scientific evidence showing the healing effects and other benefits of these oils for acute and chronic bronchitis.

Check out the three powerful ingredients from the links below.

Alternative Treatments for Bronchitis Ingredients

Cinnamomum Verum – the US Government scientists report here – “Cinnamomum zeylanicum essential oil; interfered with the growth of C. albicans in all the tested concentrations (250 μg/mL, 500 μg/mL, and 1,000 μg/mL), inducing a significant reduction in fungal growth,” cinnamon kills bronchitis, bacteria, and viruses.

Thyme Vulgaris – the US Government scientists report here, “…Thymus vulgaris …showed a strong and wide spectrum of antifungal action”,  Thymus Vulgaris kills the bacteria and fungus that causes most bronchitis.

Clove or Syzygium aromaticum – the US Government scientists report here, “Clove possessed the strongest activities against all C. albicans strains.. ” Clove is the strongest herbal against bronchitis.

The real proof of how good these plant extracts are at curing your bronchitis – is when you use it yourself – when you stop coughing – and the mucous and pain is gone.

However, should you need scientific proof, here are the links to the evidence at the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.

Does this Alternative Bronchitis Treatment have any Side Effects?


Unlike the standard treatments for bronchitis, including antibiotics, steroids, bronchodilators, painkillers, – there have been no reported side effects at all.


The combination effect of these herbal and homeopathic ingredients is a breakthrough in the treatment of bronchitis.

Traditionally, herbal extracts and homeopathic ingredients are not mixed together, yet the combined effect has a miraculous and gentle effect of helping you breathe, stopping your chest infections – and lowering your pain – without any side effects at all.

Do You Give Any Guarantees with This Bronchitis Formula?


Because our trials have been so successful – we are able to offer you our unique guarantee. You get a 100% full refund of every penny if you are not 100% delighted with your new improving lung health.

Basically – it WILL get rid of your bronchitis – or you can have your money back.

No small print. No questions asked. This is your cast-iron guarantee.

Simply drop us an email and you get your refund. The thousands of people who are already using this alternative remedy to get rid of bronchitis- it has proven to them that it works – and proven to us that we can offer you a Full 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely delighted with the Bronchitis Formula.

So, you have not a single penny to lose – and a whole new healthy life to gain.


Alternative Treatments for Bronchitis
9 out of 10 Reviews received are 5 Star

“I was wholeheartedly sick of the continuous round of drugs and pills. No end to it until I found your bronchitis remedy page. This treatment got rid of my bronchitis in 4 days.”
Jane – Boise

 Alternative Treatments for Bronchitis

“At the first sign of my old bronchitis problem I get out the formula and use it, this usually sorts things out for me pretty pronto. My wife swears by it when she has a bad chest too.”
Darren – Los Angeles

 Alternative Treatments for Bronchitis

“I am not an old man and am now truly beginning to get my lung health back.”
Jack – Mis.

 Alternative Treatments for Bronchitis

“Sorry that it has taken me so long to give you feedback, but I have been busy enjoying myself. I went to the reunion and I seem to have been visiting state to state since I can’t believe the difference myself. I have stopped coughing, I have so much energy and I can breathe again!”
DB – Ohio

 Alternative Treatments for Bronchitis

“I was really worried about him and would have done anything at that point to try to help him, Lonnie told me what he had heard about the bronchitis formula and I was compelled to find out more. I am so glad I did. He no longer has a bad chest and we sleep together now. I cannot thank you enough.”
Delia – New York

 Alternative Treatments for Bronchitis

“After trying your product, I got better in a matter of days. I just wanted to thank you for that. I tell everybody I know who is suffering from bronchitis problems to check out your website. It’s sad to see how skeptical they are.”
Debbie – Leeds

 Alternative Treatments for Bronchitis

“Thanks, Joe, it really is remarkable how quickly your bronchitis formula dealt with the problem. I trusted in the Lord and truly believe he led me to your site that night.”
Bobby D – Denver

 Alternative Treatments for Bronchitis

“My husband even quit smoking, thanks so much for your help. Bronchitis went after just a few days. It took a while to get used to the smell, but I honestly really love it now and my husband says it’s the best air freshener ever!”
Linda J – Maine

 Alternative Treatments for Bronchitis

“I am still using it a couple of times a week because I am seriously afraid to go back to where I was, I feel I have come such a long way. I have never been free of bronchitis for as long as I can remember. I even feel my libido again, which I thought had gone forever.”
Danny T -Nevada

 Alternative Treatments for Bronchitis

“I cannot recommend your bronchitis remedy highly enough. I thought my job was on the line, but I am back to my old self again now, thanks.”
Tim – Manch

 Alternative Treatments for Bronchitis

“Another winter out the way with me working harder than ever – but enjoying my life. Winter was always a bad time for me – but not anymore. I often travel for work, but I take the remedy with me.”
Bob C – London

 Alternative Treatments for Bronchitis

“I am moving home, moving on, and could not be happier. Two years ago, it was a truly different sorry story. Thanks for your good advice and patience and don’t forget to mail the bronchitis formula to my new address!!”
Geraldine W – Ireland

 Alternative Treatments for Bronchitis

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