best natural treatment for bronchiectasis

The world of bronchiectasis treatment is in an uproar… It seems this best natural treatment for bronchiectasis is causing a real and rather revealing fuss.

If you are suffering from bronchiectasis or have been diagnosed with bronchiectasis, then do not despair as I have some very good news for you.

After all, life is hard enough struggling to breathe, coughing your lungs up every day – so I am going to get to the point.

And this is it.

There is a new natural treatment for bronchiectasis that breaks all the rules.

Natural therapy ‘experts’ in natural treatments say it shouldn’t work – but it does.

Homeopaths say that it shouldn’t work.

Herbalists are up in arms – they say it shouldn’t work either.

But guess what?

1250 men and women who had been officially diagnosed with bronchiectasis have tried it – and 1217 of them said

This Natural Treatment for Bronchiectasis DOES WORK!

So, what is going on?

I’ll tell you.

As a health researcher, I have done many years of training in different therapies, but I have never been inclined to tie my colors to any particular discipline of medicine. I studied homeopathy, herbalism, nutrition, physiotherapy, and a lot more.

Herbalists tend to specialise in herbal medicine.

Homeopaths tend to specialise in homeopathy.

That is just the way it is.

From my experience, I have found that herbal remedies work really well, but there are times when they just don’t seem to work too well. The condition of bronchiectasis is a good case.

About 12 years ago, I was studying research that was published on the US Governments own website that proved three herbs were excellent at killing the fungus that caused so much chest infection for bronchiectasis patients.

(I was actually looking for a treatment for chronic bronchitis at the time. Which I did find – and yes it works really well.)

US Government Website PROVES the Ingredients in This Natural Treatment for Bronchiectasis – Really Do Kill the Fungus and Bacteria in Your Lungs

Here is a brief summary of that fungal bronchiectasis treatment information
Cinnamomum Verum the US Government scientists report here – “Cinnamomum zeylanicum essential oil; interfered with the growth of C. albicans in all the tested concentrations (250 μg/mL, 500 μg/mL, and 1,000 μg/mL), inducing a significant reduction in fungal growth,” cinnamon kills bronchiectasis fungus, bacteria, and viruses.

Thyme Vulgaris – the US Government scientists report here, “…Thymus vulgaris …showed a strong and wide spectrum of antifungal action”, Thymus Vulgaris kills the fungus and bacteria that cause most chronic bronchiectasis.

Clove or Syzygium aromaticum – the US Government scientists report here, “Clove possessed the strongest activities against all C. albicans strains.. ” Clove is the strongest herbal against fungal bronchiectasis

But it didn’t work!
Least it didn’t work well enough.

So I carried on looking for a natural treatment for bronchiectasis that really did work well enough for the patient to get excited and demand more of the remedy.

I spent a long time looking, but one day I was looking through an old homeopathic reference book, and I found a reference to three homeopathic treatments that were very specific at relieving the symptoms of bronchiectasis.

Those homeopathic treatments for bronchiectasis were
*Bryonia 12c
*Causticum 12c
*Antimonium tartaricum 12c

So, I thought, “Why not?”

I committed natural remedy sacrilege.

I added the three best homeopathic treatments for bronchiectasis to the best three herbal treatments for bronchiectasis and gave them to an elderly friend of mine who has bronchiectasis, a woman who I had been trying to help for years.

I took the remedy to her home and showed her how to use the remedy. I was literally getting in bed that night and she called me on my mobile.

She was over the moon!

She said she had coughed up quite a lot of ‘new’ or ‘stubborn’ mucus – and now she could breathe so much better.

We went on to eventually trial this natural treatment for bronchiectasis with 18 other patients before we started to sell it.

It really is the best natural treatment for bronchiectasis ever – more than I could ever have hoped for.

best natural treatment for bronchiectasis
You can read more about this amazing best natural treatment for bronchiectasis here

What Do The Doctors Say Bronchiectasis is?

According to the medical profession, Bronchiectasis comes in several forms. The easiest way to understand it is this.

You are breathing bugs and parasites into your lungs all day long. They will cause you problems, so your immune system produces mucous.

The parasites get covered in mucous – and then you cough the mucous out and everything is fine.

Except if you have bronchiectasis, for some reason not yet discovered, the tiny airways and tubes in your lungs become inflamed.

So, when the bacteria and parasites settle on these airways, your body still produces mucous to shift the bugs – only this time – because of the inflammation and scarring – you are unable to cough or expel the bacteria and parasite-covered mucous.

Yet you try.

In fact, sometimes, you cannot stop coughing!

So now the bacteria start to feed on the excess mucous – causing you bronchitis or a chest infection.

Antibiotics help a little – but they weaken your immune stem – plus do not prevent it from coming back.

So How Do You Treat Bronchiectasis?

You use the natural bronchiectasis formula that is mentioned above.

It was developed by myself to treat my own friend with bronchiectasis, but it has also helped thousands of bronchiectasis sufferers around the world.  It kills off the fungus and bacteria simply by inhaling the vapors of the remedy.

Use it twice a week to prevent a build-up of bacteria, yeast, and molds that cause bronchiectasis.

You can read more about this amazing best natural treatment for bronchiectasis here

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