Best Natural Treatment for Bronchitis in Adults

Before I show you what I believe to be the best natural treatment for bronchitis in adults, its important that you know the following advice is controversial – because I am warning you to think twice before you use antibiotics – as their is a powerful and natural alternative.

Having said that, the following advice and treatments can also be used by children, though extra care must be taken, as these natural treatments for bronchitis in adults really are very powerful.

Before we look at the best natural treatments for bronchitis in adults, lets first agree on what bronchitis is. Just because you may have a fever or you are coughing, it doesn’t mean that you have bronchitis, so let’s have a look.

What is Bronchitis?

In a perfect set of lungs, this is what should happen…

When you breathe in, the air comes in through your nose or mouth and then down your trachea, called your windpipe, into your chest, where the airway splits into two. That split is called the bronchus.

The air goes off into two separate lungs. The airways get smaller, like the branches on a tree, until the air arrives at the leaves, called the alveoli. Here at the alveoli, the air gives oxygen to your blood, and takes the old air out of your blood.

You breath in and out all day and night – and everything is fine.

Except when you breathe in, you are also breathing in millions of parasites that are only too happy to live in your lungs.

After all, it is warm, damp, dark, there is plenty of food. These parasites are bacteria, yeast, mold, and viruses – and these breeding in your lungs are the main cause of your bronchitis.

But if you have been breathing in and out all your life – you must have been breathing parasites in and out all our life.


Only in the past, your immune system has killed off these parasites and kept you healthy.

So, if you have got bronchitis now, it means that you have a weakness in your immune system.

If your bronchitis treatment weakens your immune system – and antibiotics DO weaken your immune system – then your bronchitis will probably come back. Usually within 3 to 6 months. If you have used antibiotics to treat your bronchitis in the past – then you may know this to be true.

What are the Symptoms of Bronchitis?

The usual symptoms of bronchitis are

  • Painful and persistent coughing
  • Excessive mucous or sputum
  • Feeling exhausted and weak
  • Aching chest, back or all over
  • Difficulty breathing

What is the difference between Acute Bronchitis and Chronic Bronchitis?

If you get bronchitis and you have rarely had it before, it can be classed as acute bronchitis. It is usually treated with a course of antibiotics and it will be gone in about a week. You will feel weak, but you should be back to your old self in about two weeks.

However, if you get bronchitis once or twice a year, or even continually, then you can be classed as having chronic bronchitis. You will be treated with antibiotics and other drugs: maybe steroids, nebulisers, sprays, etc

All these drugs weaken your immune system, thus encouraging the speedy return of your bronchitis.

Can you see the problem?

Personally I would forget about all these definitions as they are likely;y to add depression to your bronchitis.

How NOT to Treat Bronchitis

If you use antibiotics to treat your bronchitis, the antibiotics will almost certainly kill the germs in your lungs, and you will be free of bronchitis in about 7 days.

As long as your bronchitis is NOT caused by a fungus, as antibiotics do not kill the fungus. And a lot of bronchitis is caused by a fungus, see here.

The problem is that antibiotics weaken your immune system even further, which means, everything else being equal, your bronchitis will come back.

Maybe in a month or two, you might get six months of wheezing before bronchitis takes hold again and you grab for the antibiotics – and so it goes. You will be feeling increasingly weaker, stuck in a vicious circle.

How to Treat Bronchitis So It Doesn’t Come Back

Bronchitis left untreated can kill you quickly. The parasites in your lungs have no conscience, they will kill you.

So, you can treat bronchitis with antibiotics or with a powerful natural antibiotic bronchitis remedy, the choice is yours. Click the link for the most powerful natural bronchitis remedy you can get.

If you choose to go to the Doctors and get some antibiotics, fair enough.

As you are doing this, do it with a sense of reverence – because all being well – you are doing this for the last time.

Best Natural Treatment for Bronchitis in Adults
Use this to get rid of your bronchitis.
Then use this Best Natural Treatment for Bronchitis in Adults once a week to prevent a chest infection from coming back.

Take the antibiotics, knowing that they are killing the parasites in your body. But also know that they are killing the other organisms that are a vital part of your immune system.

Take the antibiotics until you have got rid of your chest infection. Once you are clear of the infection, then stop taking the antibiotics.

The advice for years has been to finish the course, but this is proving to be bad advice. Get off them as soon as you are clear of bronchitis.

To reduce the damage that the antibiotics have done,  you need to order some probiotics online and take them at the same time as your antibiotics. In fact, I would take them for at least 6 months to boost your immune system.

If you choose chemical antibiotics – you will still need to prevent the bronchitis from coming back. Or if you decide to kill the parasites with a natural herbal and homeopathic antibiotic – this is what you do next.

TESTED #1 – Best Natural Treatment for Bronchitis in Adults

Use the natural bronchitis treatment three times a day until your bronchitis is gone. This will vary from person to person but usually, you will free of bronchitis in three to seven days.

Then use the remedy twice a week – even if you do not have bronchitis. This will prevent your bronchitis from coming back.

I was diagnosed with emphysema over twenty years ago. That diagnosis forced me to take responsibility for my lungs – and led me to living a whole new life. I never get bronchitis now because I use this natural bronchitis preventative every single week. It works for me and for thousands of overs. It will work for you.

Smoking: Last word on this… I am not going to preach – I am going to tell you what worked for me.

I packed in smoking at least 100 times. I tried will power, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, ‘expert’ $300 session counselling, herbs, homeopathy, foul tasting chemicals, (they didn’t have vapes in those days), I tried the lot.

But as my health deteriorated, as the wheezing became increasingly embarrassing, as my breathing became harder and harder, unlike my manhood which was doing the opposite…. I decided enough was enough.

Picture yourself in 3 months’ time – finally free of smoking. Proud of yourself. You did it. Your lungs are getting better each and every day. Well done you.

PROVEN: Best Natural Treatment for Bronchitis in Adults

Bronchitis and Smoking Weed, Pot, Marijuana

If you are smoking weed with tobacco then you might think that you have got a bigger problem than other people. After all, you need the tobacco to smoke the weed right?


This is what you do. If you must smoke weed, and I used to, you do what I did.

Go online and order cut organic peppermint leaves and use this to replace the tobacco. Use a normal cigarette rolling machine and it works fine. It is non-addictive and is much kinder to your lungs. Tastes great too.

If you don’t like the taste of mint, you can use organic cut hemp leaves. That too works fine.

Remember this, one way or another, you have to get off tobacco – it will kill. Bronchitis is very easy to get rid of and even easier to prevent – so if you do smoke weed, use the Bronchitis Treatment at least once a week to prevent lung infections.

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