home remedies for itching in private parts

The Best Home Remedies for Itching In Private Parts

These remedies are effective for both males and females.

I am going to share with you very effective home remedies for itching in private parts. These remedies are effective for both males and females.

The cause of these itching in private parts is almost always the same, it is caused by a fungus living in and on your skin.

You can get rid of the itching by killing the fungus.
The trick is to kill the fungus WITHOUT weakening your immune system.

All normal drugs or over the counter OTC medicines and drugs will 100% weaken or damage your immune system.

Doctors and drug stores know how poisonous these drugs are. In many countries, you are not allowed to by more than two single doses of these drugs. That is how toxic and dangerous they are.they are. So you have made the right decision in looking for home remedies for itching in private parts.

Got Itching in Your Private Parts? You are Normal

If you have a genital health problem, please do not feel alone or embarrassed. Many millions of men and women are feeling just like you right now – you are normal, and you have done nothing wrong – so do not be embarrassed.  

The field of genital health is extremely wide and varied.   On the one side, you have the ‘mild’ conditions which include conditions like a male and female yeast infection and fungal conditions, itching skin conditions, etc – to the other side, which includes sexually transmitted diseases that involve bacterial or viral conditions.

Over 90% of infections can be treated without going to any Doctor. Farther down this page, I will share with you powerful natural treatments that will get rid of ALL MALE AND FEMALE FUNGAL INFECTIONS, YEAST INFECTIONS, CANDIDA ALBICANS, THRUSH, VAGINITIS, BALINITIS, etc

For those of you seeking immediate relief, please click your remedy below and read more information. We offer immediate shipping and discreet packing.

If you Think You Have a Sexually Transmitted Disease…

If you think you may have a sexually transmitted disease of any kind, then first things first.   Please, you need to be very kind and gentle with yourself. It can be a shock when you think about going to a sexually transmitted disease (STD) clinic.

If you have had sex outside of your normal relationship, then the possible complications and scenarios are enough to give you a nervous breakdown… If you think you may have a sexually transmitted disease of any kind, then you must have faith in yourself, be brave, you can go to the clinic, for the sake of your long-term health, you must go to the clinic.  

Stop worrying – often things are never as bad as you think.

Most infectious diseases can be treated with a quick course of tablets.   If you need to give someone else the news that they may have a sexually transmitted disease, it is not going to be easy – but you can do it. And if you think you may have passed the infection on to someone else, maybe even your partner, then know this.

Millions of other people are in the same boat as you – right now – across the world – millions of men and women are in the exact same boat as you- because you are human – and you have simply done what humans do.

Do Not Beat Yourself Up!

Do not beat yourself up, do not be overwhelmed with anger, do not be consumed by guilt, or feeling sorry for yourself – or any other emotion – simply seek out the treatment now and get on with your life.

Having A Fungal Infection or Rash on Your Genitals Is NOT A Reflection Of Your Personal Hygiene

Natural Jock Itch Treatment
You CAN Get Rid of Male and Female Genital Fungal Infections – Without Drugs

It is not a reflection of your cleanliness, it reflects the condition of your immune system. So, if you have a genital fungal infection, its time you started to look after yourself.

The treatments on this site tend to focus on the genital conditions that can be treated at home, by yourself.

  • None of these remedies are visible once applied – they are invisible
  • All these remedies are PROVEN and TESTED herbal treatments for genital itching combined with homeopathic treatments for genital itching.
  • Once absorbed into your skin, they will greatly improve the appearance of your skin – within minutes.
  • All these remedies are fragrance-free.
  • None of these remedies will stain your underwear
  •  None of these remedies are visible or detectable in any way at all.

PROOF on US Government Website

Penis shaft and glans skin conditions

Our unique Treatments contain very powerful plant extracts from Mother Nature, for example…

Cinnamomum Verum, called a true cinnamon tree, is a small evergreen tree belonging to the family Lauraceae, native to Sri Lanka. This is 100% organic and kills all the fungus, bacteria, and viruses on your genitals. If you have any doubts about how powerful these ingredients are, check out what the US Government says here, cinnamon kills fungus, bacteria, and viruses.

Thyme will stimulate your own immune system in minutes.
Again, check out what the US Government knows about Thyme, this amazing gift from God.  Thyme or Thymus Vulgaris also kills fungus, bacteria, and viruses.

Clove or Syzygium aromaticum will make your genitals fungus free. You will no longer have ANY fungal infection or unpleasant odors. The pharmaceutical companies are pressuring the government to make this stuff illegal. Check out what the US Government knows about this amazing plant extract. Clove stops fungal infections

We combine these herbs with proven and tested homeopathic treatments for male and female genital health conditions.

We have proven remedies for the following conditions:

Male Genital Health Conditions

Itching Penis Treatment  

The cause of itchy penis is almost always caused by a fungal parasite that has started to feed on your penis skin.

Male Yeast Infection, inc Candida Albicans, Thrush Treatment

Normal treatments for penile itching do not work because drug manufacturers know that their chemicals are too strong for the very thin and delicate penis skin. So, they make a very dilute cream that slows down the fungal growth on your penis, but it doesn’t stop the condition.

We have developed a natural itching penis treatment that is 100% natural, organic and it will kill the fungus without harming your penis. For more information, click itching penis treatment

Penile Rash Treatment

A penile rash is a condition that all men suffer at some point in their life. But men being men – they never talk about it. If they did, they could help each other, advise each other, but it is never going to happen.

If you have penile rash, know that it is usually caused by candida albicans, bacteria or some other parasite. These parasites feed on your penis skin because it is warm, dark, damp and there is plenty of delicate skin to feed on. Whilst our remedy will quickly kill off the parasites, you will need to apply a few drops of the clear oil to the skin of your penis, twice a week to prevent the rash from coming back.

Our penile skin remedy contains plant extracts and homeopathic ingredients that will help kill the fungus and the bacteria – simply massage a few drops of the clear oil into your penile skin, three times a day until the rash has gone. To find out more about this remedy and how it will help you, please click penile skin treatment.

Dry Skin Penis Treatment

If you have got dry skin on your penis and your scrotum, don’t worry. Whilst the dry skin may not look very appealing to you, know that it can be cured very easily. Also, simply applying a few drops of the treatment a couple of times a week will not only prevent the dry skin from coming back – it will make your penile skin glow, its like it freshens up the appearance and makes your penis feel and look attractive. To find out more about this remedy and how it will help you, please click dry skin penis treatment.

Flaking Skin on Penis Treatment  

If you have flaky, dry skin on your penis, this can be a very distressing condition. The skin on the penis is so thin, that when it begins to flake it exposes softer red skin beneath. This, if left untreated, can get infected with bacteria. Again, this condition is very easy to treat, and your penis will soon be looking great once more. Simply apply a few drops three times a day – then twice a week after that, to prevent it from coming back. To find out more about this remedy, click Flaking Skin on Penis Treatment

Natural Balanitis Treatment

Balanitis is an inflammation of the head of your penis. The thin skin seems to inflate, become red and for the poor guy it looks and feels terrible. The cause of the infection may vary, but it can always be treated, so don’t worry.  Balanitis can be mildly uncomfortable or even sometimes extremely painful. Either way, it is important to get it treated.

Doctors usually tell the guy with the sore, swollen penis that it is not serious… can you believe it….? To the guy with the sore penis, it is of worldwide importance!  Balanitis can be caused by a condition called phimosis, which is a condition where the foreskin of the penis is too tight.

The balanitis treatment that we have developed works in two ways.

Firstly, it kills the fungus and bacteria which is causing the swelling and redness. Then you need to put a few drops of the clear oil behind your foreskin. Then gently insert two blunt rods behind the foreskin. We have found that the handle of teaspoons is perfect. Then gently pull the teaspoons apart. This gentle stretching action combined with the healing plant extracts and proven homeopathic ingredients will soon reduce the inflammation, and stretch the foreskin in a safe and comfortable way.

For more information on this new balanitis treatment, please click Natural Balanitis Treatment

Natural Jock Itch Treatment

Jock itch is the term used by many men to describe male yeast infection. The symptoms of jock itch are usually a red rash between the legs, sometimes a red rash on the penis and scrotum too. Standard treatments include the usual creams and talcum powders.

In terms of providing relief, the healing effect of talcum powders tends to last longer than the creams. Any of our penis remedies work well with jock itch. Simply apply a few drops onto the affected area of your genitals three times a day. The treatment is clear, odorless, and works immediately. To find out more, click natural jock itch treatment

Penis, Shaft and Glans Skin Conditions

Many men get in touch, stressing the exact location of the rash or dry skin on their penis, scrotum, shaft, tip, glans, etc

You must remember, the fungus or bacteria breeding on the skin of your genitals cannot know where it is. It is simply breeding on your genitals because it is warm, damp and there is plenty of food – that is your penis or scrotum skin. I would suggest that you do not worry about it, just order the treatment, follow the instructions and it will be sorted in no time.

The only exception to this advice is when you have an itch or burning in your urethra. The urethra is the small pipe that takes the urine or sperm out of your penis. If you have an infection in there, then no topical cream or other treatment can be applied. You will need to go to the Doctors before permanent damage is done to this delicate pipe. There are no exceptions to this advice.

Male Yeast Infection, inc Candida Albicans, Thrush Treatment

Many men go through life struggling with genital itching and redness. They simply accept it as being a part of life, not knowing that it is simple and easy to treat. Sexual health education may be improving in our societies – but it still has a long way to go.

For the record, male yeast infection is effectively the same as candida albicans, which is effectively the same infection as a thrush infection. It is simply fungus living on the skin of your genitals.

It is on your genitals simply because it is warm, it is damp and there is plenty of food. It can be prevented by regularly washing with soap, then towel dry. The use of talcum powder helps stop the fungus from starting. However, once the fungus has started to breed on your skin, talc will not help you.

Then you will need a good, proven treatment for yeast infection, thrush or candida, or whatever you want to call it. For male yeast infection information and treatment, please click male yeast infection treatment

Scrotum Rash Treatment

If you have dry skin or a rash on your scrotum, this too can be treated easily. Use the red rash penis or itchy penis treatment and apply a few drops to the skin of your scrotum. The treatment will be rapidly absorbed into the delicate skin of your scrotum and it will be sorted quickly.  It might help to apply the remedy if you shave the hairs off your scrotum first. Click scrotum skin rash treatment for more information.

Female Genital Health Conditions

Itching Vagina Treatment

The vagina is a perfect breeding ground for fungus, it is warm, damp and there is plenty of food. No matter how clean and dry you try to keep your vagina, it is impossible to keep fungus out with soap alone. It only needs your hormones to vary slightly, then your immune system does not function as well as it should. So, your normal defence mechanisms are weak, and the fungus simply starts to breed faster.

As fungus breeds in and around the vagina, itching a swelling of the vagina is almost inevitable. Fortunately, treating an itching or swollen vagina is relatively easy. We have developed a natural remedy, made from organic plant extracts and homeopathic ingredients, that tackle the fungus without harming the delicate skin of your vagina. It is a clear odourless liquid. Just a few drops applied to the skin of your vagina will quickly eradicate the fungus without harming you in any way at all.

Once your itching vagina symptoms have gone, you can prevent it from coming back by applying a few drops to your vagina a couple of times a week. To read more about this, click Itching Vagina Treatment

Burning Vagina Treatment

When you have a burning vagina, be it on the inside of your vagina, or on the outside, the cause is usually a yeast infection. This yeast infection can be caused by a fluctuation in the levels of your hormones. Often the burning will go away on its own.

However. Should you want to keep some relief in your bathroom cabinet, the Burning Vagina Treatment is simple and easy to use. A few drops applied to your vagina will instantly stop the burning, relieve any itching and will not be visible or detectable in any way at all. To read more, please click burning vagina treatment.

Male and Female Conditions

Home Remedies for Itching In Private Parts

Best Natural Treatment for Rectal (Anal) Itching

Many men and women suffer from similar health conditions of the anus and rectum. Scratching your bottom at home is one thing, but when you are out of the home, maybe working or on a date – it is just not acceptable to dig down into the back of your underwear for a good scratch. So, what can you do? Let’s have a look.

The cause of an itching bottom is usually a fungal infection. Occasionally it can be caused by parasitic worms. If you have seen any worms, worm egg cases or segments of worms around your backside, then go to the Doctors to get checked out. The chances of you having worms are statistically very small, but I thought it worth mentioning.

It is very easy to provide you with instant relief if you have an itchy bottom, but you must also kill the fungus which is causing the itch.

It is very easy to treat an itching backside, but it does take a day or two longer than itching penis or vagina. This is because the cheeks of the bottom hold the skin together, forming a perfect breeding ground. Plus, the contents of your backside will provide additional food.

The Rectal Itch and Anal Itch treatments are identical in composition. We have both names as different countries use words to describe the same condition. Simply apply a few drops of the treatment after washing your backside. Apply three times a day – and once a bedtime. The problem will be gone in a few days.

Apply twice a week to prevent it from coming back. Some people include this product in their bathroom cabinet and apply after every visit to the bathroom, the choice is yours. Click Rectal Itch and Anal Itch treatments

Natural Treatment for Anal Rash

Anal Rash Treatment
Natural Treatment for Anal Rash

If you have an anal rash, it can be very upsetting and painful. Our remedy for anal rash not only kills the fungus and bacteria that is causing the rash, but it also contains a plant extract that has a mild anaesthetic quality, thus giving you instant relief. Simply apply a few drops of the treatment after washing your backside. Apply three times a day – and once a bedtime. The problem will be gone in a few days. For more information, click anal rash treatment

Anal Fissure Treatment 

Anal Fissure Treatment
Get Anal Fissure Treatment Here

An anal fissure is a small crack in your anus, usually radiating out from the center of your anus, rather like the finger on a clock face. This small crack inevitably becomes infected and becomes extremely painful.

No matter how hard you try to keep your anus clean, the natural environment and function of your anus, means that you have an impossible job. You need a very powerful natural remedy that will perform two vital functions. It needs to

  • Disinfect and kill all bacteria and fungus on the anus
  • It needs to promote rapid healing to close the fissure as soon as possible

Our anal fissure treatment is the only one of its kind in the world. You simply wash and towel dry your anus. Then apply a few drops of this oil-like liquid. The powerful antibiotic will penetrate the fissure killing the bacteria – whilst the healing extracts close the fissure. To read more about this remarkable remedy, please click anal fissure treatment.

Natural Genital Warts Treatment

If you have genital warts, then worry not, here is a simple and effective natural treatment for genital warts. It works in two ways.

  • It kills the virus that causes the genital warts
  • It dissolves the warts so that they naturally become smaller then drop off.

This natural wart treatment is made from powerful, natural, organic plant extracts, plus the addition of homeopathic remedies boosts its healing powers.

Simply apply a few drops of this clear odourless oil three times a day – plus once at bedtime. The oil will state to do its work. Your warts will visibly begin to shrink.

You should refrain from intercourse whilst you are using the remedy as your warts become soft as the fall off. This reduces the risk of spreading the virus. For more information, please click genital warts treatment.

If there is something you would like help with, please feel free to contact us, we will try to help you.

Our email address is support at homeopathicremedyfinder.com

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