how to cure diabetes naturally without medication

How to Cure Diabetes Naturally Without Medication?
It CAN be done.

The answer in a nutshell.

  1. Reduce your intake of sugar and carbohydrates.
  2. Get out of breath once a day.
  3. Use herbs and homeopathy to stimulate your system.

But, its not so simple. Please read on…

“…the treatment of diabetes is a virtual dictatorship…”

If you want to know how to cure diabetes naturally without medication, you are very lucky to have landed on this page. Why? Because the treatment of diabetes is a virtual dictatorship. And the dictators are the pharmaceutical industry. Just type into Google ‘how to lower my blood sugar’.

How to Cure Diabetes Naturally Without Medication?

Apart from the paid advertising, every single result on the first few pages of Google is owned by big pharma. What is even craftier, is that the ‘natural’ looking results are actually the big pharmaceutical companies in disguise. It is shocking.

The main thing is that you are here now – and I am going to show you how to reduce the symptoms type 2 diabetes or even get rid of type 2 diabetes.

I can do this because I did it – after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes myself.

I am going to tell you how I got rid of diabetes – and how you can get rid of type 2 diabetes. If you are type 1 diabetic, this page will also help reduce the amount of insulin you take.

I am not a professional article writer – so please bear with me. I may express things in a way you do not like. Please try to see past my clumsy writing – and remember that I went from sky-high blood sugar to normal blood sugar in less than 12 weeks.

If you have got type one diabetes or type two diabetes – just maybe the words that you are about to read will improve the quality of your life plus extend your life by many, many years.

There are many experts on diabetes in the world. Many of these wonderful people have devoted their lives to solving the problem of diabetes.   Yet, the number of people who are suffering from type one and type two diabetes is increasing worldwide. So, it appears, on the surface anyway, it appears that these diabetes experts are failing.  

So, what is going on?   Shall we blame the Doctors? Shall we blame the Governments? Shall we blame the food manufacturers? Who shall be blamed?   Maybe no one is to blame.

Maybe, like most of the other terrible things in life, it simply happened when your attention was elsewhere. Life is like that sometimes. You focus on one thing – and something else happens….

You were busy trying to get on with your life and now you have diabetes.

Here is a hard truth.

If You Carry On Doing The Same Thing That Got You In This Position –
Then Diabetes Will Consume Your Body.
Diabetes Will Steal Your Life.

It will first weaken your immune system. You will feel extra tired, you will not think straight. You will start to go dizzy… you will begin to feel very emotional. You will cry at things which never bothered you before.

Words like anxiety and depression do not even begin to express the sheer fear, horror and confusion that you are beginning to feel.

Because diabetes affects your mind and emotions – as well as your body. You cannot separate the symptoms of diabetes.
Like alcohol or mind-altering drugs, the hormones and the chemicals in your body are affected by diabetes.

Diabetes Symptoms Alter Your Perception of the World.

It can at times feel like you are going mad.

Such is the nature of diabetes. If you want to know how to cure diabetes naturally without medication, you must see that there is a monster inside of you that feeds on sugar and refined foods. If you feed it, the monster will grow. It will steal your blood supply, it will steal your organs, it will steal your limbs….

If you feed it, it will steal your life.

It is as simple as that.

So, how do you get rid of this monster inside of you?

You already know how to get rid of diabetes.

It just sounds too hard.

There are experts in experts in every field of human activity. There are many experts in the world. And yet there is only one expert who can save you.

There is only one person out of the seven and a half billion on the planet that can save you –

And you already know that that person is YOU.

Stop! Don’t go yet. Here we go…

How You Get Rid of Diabetes

1 – Make the Decision

It doesn’t matter how sick you are right now, you have got to know this – YOU CAN GET BETTER.

Getting better – getting rid of diabetes is a journey. Like every other journey you have ever been on – this journey starts with the DECISION to go on the journey.

You can do that right now. You don’t have to move. You only have to say to yourself –


Have you done it yet? If so, well done.
If you really have taken the responsibility for getting healthy – and getting rid of diabetes along the way – your whole life has just changed.

Your health WILL improve.

The chances are you WILL get rid of diabetes.

If you have made the decision to get healthy, just take a moment to own the courage that you have.

Just take a moment to be proud of yourself.

And take a moment to forgive yourself for getting diabetes.

After all, you didn’t do it deliberately, did you?

No, of course you didn’t.

So, no blame.

Not anymore.

Let the Journey Begin

If there are 500 million people with diabetes, then there are 500 million individual journeys to be made.

And you must do it on your own.

Before you misunderstand me – let me explain.

Even though there are times when you feel alone, there are people who can and will help you on your individual journey towards health. There are people who will support you, encourage you, push you, pull you and even kick you up the ass when you need it.

Decide who they are. Tell them of your decision.

There are others out there, who for whatever reason, they will tell you not to go on your journey – they will be scared that you will change too much. They do not want you to change – even if it means you dying from the symptoms of diabetes. There love is a strange love – and they are not ready yet for your transformation.

Take great heart from this. In the weeks, months and years ahead, your transformation into an empowered, healthy and radiant human being may be the inspiration, the prompt that they were looking for to make their own changes – to begin their own journey towards a healthy and more enjoyable life.

So, right now, share your journey towards health, but be careful who you share your journey with.

Soon, you will begin to feel better. You will begin to think more clearly, you will begin to burst open from within – more energy, more self-belief – more love for yourself, more love for others – and an acceptance that life does present us with challenges – but you can and will overcome these challenges.

One by one – day by day.

Are you still here? Good.

Some people hate the word ‘love’. They run a mile from it. But you are still here – which proves to me that you have what it takes to get rid of diabetes.

Getting Rid of Diabetes is an Act of Self-Love.

There may be people in your life that love you. Maybe some of them cannot tell you, or even show you – because many people are simply scared of life. I think we know what that is like, don’t we? It is good to acknowledge the people in your life. However, there will be times on your journey when your loved ones and your friends cannot help you.

Life if full of ups and downs. Life has its summers and its winters. But life does go on.

How to Cure Diabetes Naturally Without Medication?
These herbs and homeopathy helped me to love myself – and be free of high blood sugar – for good

You need to know that your journey towards health, your journey towards getting rid of diabetes – will have its ups and downs – but you will succeed. In fact, just starting the journey today – right now – with your decision to get rid of diabetes – is a momentous UP in your life.

So, enjoy it – well done you!

And when your version of winter comes – (and it will) – maybe one day you feel emotionally overwhelmed and decide to stuff your body with sugar or refined carbohydrates – then see it as a small battle along your journey.

Hopefully, you will win that battle. Maybe you won’t. Don’t ever accept defeat. We all have our ups and downs. You will have your good days and your bad days. The thing is – you must see the big picture – you are healthy – you are alive, and you are on a lifelong journey of health and love.

Stuff crap into your mouth if you must. But something tells you those days will become fewer and fewer. You are not only getting rid of diabetes, but you are also developing into a more relaxed, more self-accepting, more loving person. You know you deserve to love, and you deserve to be loved. You can love yourself more – and you can love others more – by reducing the crap you put in your mouth. It’s true, isn’t it? Of course, it is.

Getting Rid of Diabetes is Simple – But It is NOT Easy

No two things in the universe are the same.

You and I have never met, and even if we had met – we are individuals, we are different. So, I cannot give you definitive advice on how to get rid of diabetes. And neither can anyone else. However, I have got rid of type two diabetes myself and I have helped and spoken to others who are now free of diabetes.

All people who have gotten rid of diabetes seem to have got a few things in common. Putting it another way, the successful journeys seem to have a few things in common.

Why reinvent the wheel when it looks like others have done a good job? There is no need. If you can copy the apparently successful things that other people have done – those who have already gotten rid of diabetes – then that makes sense, doesn’t it? Course it does.

That doesn’t mean its going to be easy for you. Don’t let anybody tell you that getting rid of diabetes is easy, because it is not. How can I say that with such conviction? Because life itself is not easy, so why should getting rid of diabetes be easy?

For most people, that means you and me – getting rid of diabetes is very simple. It appears you only have to do two things and your diabetes symptoms will disappear. Seriously, two things and your diabetes will very quickly vanish. Have a look all over the internet. The people who have got rid of diabetes – the ones who have done the journey – they all have these two things in common.

The two things that you MUST do are:

  • You must stop putting certain foods and drinks in your mouth
  • You must get into the habit of exercising regularly

I have got some great news for you. I am going to rewrite the above two things so that they are much easier for you to achieve, much easier for you to enjoy – much easier for you to LOVE.

Here we go…

The two things that you MUST do are:

  • Enjoy yourself a little bit more – every day
  • Love yourself a little bit more – every day

No – This Is Not Some New-Age Bulls**T – This Is What Your Mind and Emotions Need to Hear.

You must know that you will ENJOY your journey. You must know that getting rid of diabetes is something you will LOVE to do. And you really will!

Are you still here? Good.

Some people will have left there. Mention the word ‘enjoy’ or ‘love’ too much and they are gone. You are still here so you have started your journey of getting rid of diabetes – you are loving yourself a little bit more – right now.

You Are Going To Have To Find Foods You ENJOY Eating – That Are NOT Refined Foods.

You Are Going to Have to Find Drinks You ENJOY Drinking – That Are NOT Refined Or Sugary Drinks.

Just decide right NOW that you are going to FIND those foods and drinks.

There are literally millions of places that you can look at online to find foods that you can eat, that will not cause your diabetes to get worse.

There are literally millions of places that you can look at online to explain the scientific processes behind digestion and diabetes.

The way I understood it was this.

Food Is Fuel For Your Body.

Some Foods ‘Burn’ Very Quickly
and They Cause You Diabetic Problems.

Some Foods ‘Burn’ Slowly
and They Help You Get Rid Of Diabetes

(Hey, I know this description is not ideal, but it is simple, and it worked for me.)

What I did was I found a few foods that I was told were slow-burning, they were ‘good’ for me. I had lots of nuts, olives, raw veg. I was addicted, I mean craving for the bread of any kind. I found some crackers as a bread replacement. They were not perfect, but I soon got used to them. They were said to be slow-burning.

In general,

Do NOT eat:

  • Anything sugary, including candy, man-made snack foods
  • Anything baked, like bread, pizzas, cookies, chips, crisps
  • Anything ‘floury’ like pasta, boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes

Do NOT drink:

  • Anything sweet like cola, soda, pop, or beer
  • Fruit juices

You will find ideas all over the internet to food ideas that will help you. Don’t worry, take one day at a time. If that is too much, take one hour at a time.

Resist One Temptation at a Time

Soon you will be healthy, and you will be enjoying your life so much more, free of all the symptoms of diabetes.

Here are some answers to a few questions that you may have about having diabetes.

What should my blood sugar levels be?

There are many fantastic resources on the internet that explain in detail what blood sugar is, how it works, and what level it should be. I recently came across a very good video on YouTube that offers an easy to understand explanation of blood sugar levels. But we all understand things in different ways. You watch the videos until you understand what is going on in your body.

What is HbA1c?

What is HbA1c? Is it the same as A1c? What has it got to do with diabetes?
An easy explanation is this.
Let’s say, for example, right now you weigh 185 pounds now.
Maybe at Christmas, you eat a bit more, and your weight goes up to 195 pounds.
At vacation time, you want to look good on the beach, so you go on a diet for a few weeks. On vacation, you weigh 160 pounds.
In winter, you get a bit lazy, sit in front of the TV and you put 20 pounds on. So what is your weight? 160 pounds? 170 pounds? 180 pounds? 200 pounds? Who knows… as it keeps going up and down, but on average it looks like your weight is around 180 pounds.

Well, your blood sugar level goes up and down too. Only your blood sugar levels can shoot up and down many times a day, depending on what you are eating and how much you are burning sugar – (sometimes called exercising). You could measure very high blood sugar levels and very low blood sugar levels – on the same day.

And your blood sugar level is extremely important to control, so you need to have an idea what your average blood sugar level is, say over the last month or so. The clever Doctors have figured that if they know the HbA1C level in your blood, it gives then a very accurate average figure of your blood sugar levels over the last month or so.

There are many different ways of measuring HbA1c, so it can get confusing.

I lowered my HbA1c level from 116 to 45 in just 11 weeks. And I kept it stable – without using drugs.

Let’s Talk about the Unthinkable.
Yes, We Must Now Talk About Exercise

Are you still here? Good for you. Many people leave at this point because they can’t even think about enjoying exercise. But you are still here, so I guess you are at least open to the idea of exercise?

Remember, there is only one of you in the universe. In this world, there are many experts on exercise – but there is only one expert on you – and that is you.

So, it is up to you now – to find some form of movement that works for you.

It might help you to think of it like this.

Sugar in your blood is like having gasoline in your blood.

It is harming you, it is poisonous – and if you have diabetes, it is slowly killing you.

If you exercise – if you get out of breath – then you set fire to the gasoline – you instantly burn it out of your blood.

Can you see how important it is to get out of breath? Good.

The thing to remember is this. Aim towards ten minutes of continuous activity that causes you to pant for breath. That’s it.

If you don’t like jogging, don’t do it. Try walking fast, then faster still. A slow walk is not going to do it, you must get out of breath. I started to like this. I would walk to a lamppost, then run 100 yards or so to the next lamp post, then walk to the next – then run – then walk – it made it so much easier. I went from being able to run only about twenty yards to running three hundred yards in just a few weeks.

I recently entered a 10 kilometer‘ fun run’ that is organized by a local charity. I have three months to train. Even if I walk fast for most of it, who cares? I will be enjoying myself, raising money for charity and I will be burning the sugar, clearing the crap out of my blood.

UPDATE. I did it!

How to Cure Diabetes Naturally Without Medication?

I tried cycling but it did not work for me. I found it too easy to stop pedaling and just roll along with the wind in my face. If you are going to cycle – keep pedaling.

Remember you must be getting short of breath.

If you can find someone to go for a fast walk with then that would be great. You can encourage each other. But remember, this is your personal, individual journey towards health and happiness. You cannot rely on anybody else to do this journey for you. So, get up off your ass and do it. If you cannot find anybody to exercise with you – no problem – just be brave, be proud of yourself, get up and do it yourself – and enjoy the feeling of loving yourself.

The Liver and Pancreas Prayer

Even though I have worked in the field of natural remedies for twenty-five years, I am not a Doctor, I am a trained mechanical engineer. So, when I was first told I had diabetes, I was at first shocked, then shamed, then angry, then sad, then sorry for myself – then I put my engineers’ hat on – and simply thought about it.

The pancreas is an organ in your abdomen, that is located behind the stomach and is surrounded by other organs, including the spleen, liver, and small intestine. The pancreas is about 6 inches long, oblong and flat. It is shaped like a tadpole,

The head of the tadpole – pancreas is on the right side of the abdomen and is connected to the intestines through a small tube called the pancreatic duct. The narrow end of the pancreas, called the tail, extends to the left side of the body.

OK. Right now, try to ‘feel’ the area where your liver and pancreas are. Right-hand side… to the left-hand side…can you see it in your mind’s eye? Good. Can you ‘connect’ with your liver and pancreas, can you ‘feel’ them? Good. Now, say the following words, or your own version of the following words…

‘Dear Liver and Pancreas,

I am sorry about what happened to you both, I didn’t mean to neglect you, I just didn’t realize what was happening to either of you. But now I do. I know you work as a great team, and somehow my diet and lifestyle may have made things worse for you. I realize that you have been so overworked and overloaded with all the poisons I have been eating. But that is going to stop now.

Now I am going to eat foods that help you both, not harm you. And I am going to take the load off you by burning the sugars out of my blood, so you don’t need to keep working flat out making insulin and all the other stuff.

Yes, we are going to go for fast walks together, this will clean our blood of excess sugars, and I am going to give you both a much-needed rest. I am also going to find good food, herbs, and supplements to heal you both. Together we are going to have a lovely long life together.

So, my dear liver and pancreas, I want you to know that what happened to you will never happen again, I am looking after you both now. We are in this together and I love you both.


Feels good, doesn’t it? Of course, it does!

Is there a part of you that fears taking responsibility for your liver and pancreas? That would be understandable, after all, it’s a life or death situation – but you can do it.

  • Simply stop poisoning yourself and your liver and pancreas.
  • Take yourself and your liver and your pancreas for a fast walk at least every 48 hours – and make sure you get out of breath.
  • Feed yourself, your liver, and your pancreas good healthy unrefined food – and feel your health seep back into your body, mind, and emotions.

The Liver and Pancreas Squeeze Kick Start Exercise

Imagine you found an old doorway with a rusty hinge. You had not used it for twenty years or so. It was rusty, the parts were stuck together, nothing could move, it was seized up. You decide with fondness in your heart to restore it back to mint condition, back to health. What would you do first?

How to Cure Diabetes Naturally Without Medication?

Imagine your pancreas as a rusty gate. Now you have to oil it – and get it moving

Maybe you would clean the worst of the dirt off. Maybe spray oil on the rusty components and gently begin to move the components. Bit by bit, the movement would return to the corroded parts. The rust would fall away, and slowly full movement would return to the once rusty components.

And so, it is with your liver and pancreas. I simply asked myself, ‘How can I stimulate a liver and a pancreas that is hidden behind my stomach, which itself is hidden behind my substantial layers of tummy fat?’ The answer came to me when I thought of a rusty gate hinge. You simply oil it – then waggle it back and forth – and the movement returns.

To rejuvenate your liver and pancreas, you start by oiling it – that is – you start by giving it blood that is free of sugars, refined food toxins, and other crap – then you gently squeeze movement into the liver and pancreas.

You gently squeeze your liver and pancreas for at least 5 minutes a day by performing the following movement. It can be done standing up or lying down. You bring the opposing knee and elbow together. In order to do this, your stomach will be squeezed. More importantly, your liver and pancreas will be gently crushed. See the video to see how easy this exercise is. Soon your liver and pancreas, your new best friends, will be full of movement again, full of health again.

How Can You Support Your Liver and Pancreas?

If you have started getting out of breath every day – including the Liver and Pancreas Squeeze Kick Start exercise, then you are well on your way to getting rid of diabetes.

Also, you have stopped putting the sugary and floury foods and drinks into your mouth. You have found other things to eat and drink. You are starting to feel so much better. You are almost on a high of health. Is there anything else you can do?

When I had diabetes my HbA1c was way over 100. I think it was about 140 – 150. No wonder I was ill. I decided to make things easier in myself by giving my liver and pancreas a gentle and yet powerful, uplifting remedy

how to cure diabetes naturally without medication

How to Cure Diabetes Naturally Without Medication?

This really helped me to lower my blood sugar levels and controlled my sugar cravings

It consists of herbs and homeopathy remedies that have proven to support and help my pancreas return to normal functioning. Using this remedy, I was able to lower my blood sugar levels quickly and easily. My HbA1c returned to mid-forties very quickly. I now give my liver and pancreas a teaspoon of the remedy every morning.

If you want to know more about this remedy to lower HbA1c then see more information and testimonials here, how to lower hba1c fast

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