how to treat dental implant infection

How To Treat Dental Implant Infection?
A true, very painful, story about infected dental implants that ultimately has a very happy ending.

If you know someone who has got a dental implant – or is thinking of getting a dental implant – please share this with them.
You could save them a lot of severe pain, and a lot of money too.

In this article, I am going to share with you my excruciating experience, and if you are getting tooth implants, it will help you.

I think in this article I am going to answer some of the common questions that many people have about dental implants. They are:

  • What are the symptoms of a dental implant rejection?  
  • How do you know if your dental implant is infected?  
  • What are the negative effects of dental implants?  
  • Do you need antibiotics after dental implants?  
  • Can an infected dental implant be saved?  
  • Dental implant infection video  
  • Tooth implant pain years later?  
  • Signs of dental implant rejection  
  • Types of dental implants  
  • Dental Implant Showing Through Gum  
  • What is Peri-Implantitis infection?  
  • What is the Best Dental Implant Infection Treatment?  
  • Is the Gum Formula Guaranteed to Work?
  • What’s in the Gum Formula?
  • Best Dental Implantitis Treatment  

Before I give you all the exact information you need, have a look at me, below, mid-peri-implantitis crisis, before I found the solution which saved my teeth worth over $25,000…

Dental implant infection video

As you can see from the above video, I not only have suffered from a severe case of peri-implantitis, but I also managed to successfully treat myself also.

I have about twenty implants in my mouth, and at one point my mouth was full of infected gums.

Using the Gum Doctor Formula, I managed to get rid of the implantitis infection very quickly and my implanted teeth look and feel fantastic.

Now, years later, as I sit at my laptop and write this article, I sip my tea and think back to the time when I had a dental implant infection.   I didn’t have one implant, I had twelve beautiful teeth implanted, along with bone grafts and all kinds of other stuff.  

My well-intentioned dentist had warned me of the risks.
But at the same time, he assured me that he had performed this operation thousands of times and there was really very little to worry about.  

The first infection occurred when he implanted pig bone into my jaw. This was several months before I was to have my implants, but it was necessary to thicken up my jaw bone and give my implants the best chance of ‘gripping’ into my jaw bone.   (I only found out about the pig bone after it was done. It is a good job I have no Muslim or Jewish religious beliefs.)

My upper left jaw swelled up so much I could hardly open my mouth, I was sipping tomato soup through a straw for three days until the antibiotics kicked in.  

I was feeling down, really down.

The pain, the blood, the foul taste in my mouth, the fear of losing all my teeth, the self-blame…   Then I conducted extensive research that revealed to me something about dental implants that my dentist had never told me and was extremely shocking….  

Right Now, Today – All Around the World – Millions of People with Dental Implants Are Losing Their Teeth – They Are Getting Infected and Often Their Teeth Falling Out Like Confetti!

The Dentists Even Have a Word for it


Peri = around
Implant = the artificial tooth
Itis – infected or inflamed

It hardly took a genius to come up with that name.

I have been a researcher in the field of natural health remedies for over 25 years. I urgently took it upon myself to find a cure for ‘implantitis’ – before I lost the 12 implanted teeth that were sat in wobbling in my swollen, bleeding gums.

The remedy I formulated and tested – is simply called Gum Doctor Formula

  • Gum Doctor Formula stops the infection from before pre-implant bone grafts – it PREVENTS PERI-IMPLANTITIS
  • Gum Doctor Formula stops infection after the implant is fittedIT HELPS GET RID OF PERI-IMPLANTITIS IF YOU HAVE IT
  • Gum Doctor Formula stops the infection from occurring for years after the implant operation has taken place – it PREVENTS PERI-IMPLANTITIS FOR YEARS TO COME.

Yes, just in case your dentist didn’t inform you… many cases on implantitis can take place one year, five years, even ten years after the initial implant was fitted.

Maybe you are skeptical? Have a look at this article from It was written by dentists – for dentists…

The opening line is…

Peri-implantitis is an epidemic in our implant world.

So, your dentist knows about it. But don’t worry. The above information was presented at a conference discussing new ways of treating peri-implantitis, and of course, new ways of making money out of peri-implantitis. Check it out.

Fortunately, I have developed a simple natural remedy that stops dental implant infections in hours – so you will NOT lose your teeth.

But before I show you how simple and easy to use this remedy really is, I would like to answer some of the common questions that I receive daily in my postbag or inbox.

What are the symptoms of a dental implant rejection?

Problems with your dental implants tend to creep up on you slowly. It may begin with difficulty chewing. Your teeth may feel a little sore or the underlying gums may feel discomfort.

If you ignore these symptoms, and most people do, your gums will usually become inflamed. Gum inflammation usually starts around the socket, which is the part of the gum that holds the tooth. It will swell up, often coming ‘away’ from the implant, allowing food to get into the gap, causing even more inflammation.

As the food causes more bacterial growth, you will have increased swelling around your gums, and they will become tender to touch. Not ideal if you want to eat.

As the infection progresses, you will experience pain, not just when you are eating, but sometimes just the lightest touch of your tongue can hurt.

This type of infection is called peri- implantitis.

Peri = around

Implantitis = your inflamed implant

So, there are no prizes for guessing the cause of the infection. Bacteria in the socket around your dental implant. As the infection progresses, the implanted tooth

  • becomes loose
  • excruciating pain
  • receding gums
  • Blood on teeth and gums
  • The implant eventually falls out

How do you know if your dental implant is infected?

  • First signs could be something as little as a bad taste in your mouth. This will be coming from the bacteria feeding in the margins of your tooth socket.
  • The gums appear to go from a healthy pink to a bright red.
  • Blood comes out of the gap between tooth and gum.
  • The gum recedes or pulls back, revealing the metalwork of the implant.
  • Pain. From mild pain around the implant to extreme pain as your face/neck/body becomes infected.

What are the negative effects of dental implants?

If the dental work is carried out correctly, and the implant and gums are cared for after the surgery – then there are virtually no negative effects of dental implants.

Dentists who carry out dental implants are invariably trained to a very high standard. It is in their interest to do the job correctly and safely.

Always ask to see reviews of their work or ask to speak to clients who have been treated by the dentist.

The simplest and most effective way to care for your gums is to apply just a few drops of Gum Formula onto the gums once or twice a day.

Do you need antibiotics after dental implant?

Most dentists who fit dental implants use antibiotics after every implant surgery. This is because they have exposed the inside of your jawbone to the atmosphere, they have exposed your blood supply and the whole innards of your gums to the parasites which are floating around in the atmosphere.

No matter how stringently clean your dental surgeon has attempted to be, they cannot keep out these parasites. So, it is in your best interest to give you antibiotics after dental implant surgery.

So take the antibiotics after the surgery.

The problem with antibiotics is that they don’t always work.

The other problem with antibiotics is that they weaken your immune system, which means that you are more likely to get an oral infection in the future.

The simple way around this is to put a few drops of Gum Formula onto the margins of your dental implant every day. It costs virtually pennies and is going to protect your expensive implants and teeth for the rest of your life.

Can an infected dental implant be saved?

The good news is, that as long as you have not left it too late, most dental implant infections can be saved.

Your dental surgeon will recommend a course of strong antibiotics. Once an infection has got into a gum, you cannot afford to take your time with the treatment. I would do three things:

  • Take the antibiotics as recommended by your dental surgeon
  • After eating, swill your mouth with salty water
  • Massage a few drops of Gum Formula into the gap between the implant tooth and the gum. Do this after every meal.
  • Keep using the Gum Formula after the antibiotic course has finished. Your gums will harden, and your teeth will hold firm.

Tooth implant pain years later?

It is becoming increasingly common for people with implants to experience pain around their implants many years after they are fitted.

One dentist described it as a tsunami of implantitis.

It seems that the dental profession has been caught totally unawares, they just never saw the sheer number of infections coming.

If you are suffering from tooth implant pain, what can you do about it?

The first thing to do is get your implants checked out, preferably by the dentist that fitted them. It may be something simple like a spur or protrusion of bone left under the gum, which can be sorted out with the minimum cost or surgery.

Or it may be, like in many cases, that the jaw and gums appear to be ‘rejecting’ the implant. The symptoms are tooth pain, gum soreness or even loose teeth. Listen to what your dentist has to say, and if you feel the need, get a second opinion before you invest in costly remedial dentistry.

Many people have remedied this situation by applying a few drops of the Gum Formula natural antibiotics three times a day and at bedtime.

The powerful germ-killing liquid penetrates down into the gum – implant margins, reducing infection, inflammation and stopping the pain, sometimes in just a few seconds.

Signs of Dental Implant Rejection

The first signs of dental implant rejection vary from person to person, but in general thy will include:

  • Bad breath – as bacteria begin to breed in the gap between the implant and the gums, they excrete a foul-tasting and foul-smelling substance.
  • Gum Swelling – The gums around the affected implant will swell up appear to be spongy.
  • Red Gums – The color of the gums will also change, usually from pale pink to bright red. However, some implantitis produces a much darker color, even dark purple gums can sometimes be seen.
  • Bleeding Gums – Blood often seeps out of the crack between the gum and the implanted tooth. It is important to treat this area with the Gum Formula natural antibiotics as soon as possible.
  • Gum Recedes – If the gums are left untreated, the gum recedes or pulls back, revealing the metalwork of the implant beneath. At this stage, it is not too late to treat the gums.

    Simply apply the Gum Doctor Formula every three hours for several days. This will kill off the bacteria and allow the gums to grow back.

Types of Dental Implants

At the time of writing, there are three common different types of dental implants and they are:

  • Endosteal, Subperiosteal, and Zygomatic.

  • Endosteal: is the most common type of implant and is regarded as the safest as it produces the least number of complications.

  • Subperiosteal: This is the main alternative to Endosteal Implants.

Instead of the implant being fixed into your jawbone, a subperiosteal implants rests on top of your jawbone but still underneath your gum.

A metal framework is fitted under your gum with a post attached to it. Your gums then grow and heal around the frame to hold it in place. Your false teeth are then fixed to the posts that protrude through your gums.

In general, this procedure is only used if you don’t have enough jawbone for an implant to be placed or if you don’t like the idea of having bone removed from another part of your body to build up your jaw, or in some cases, animal bone, such as pig is used.

  • Zygomatic: Zygomatic implants are the rarest type of dental implants. It is by far the most complicated procedure. It is only be done if there is insufficient jawbone for the Endosteal implant. In this case, the titanium implant is placed in your cheekbone rather than the jawbone.

    In terms of infections, the problems remain the same, no matter which type of dental implant that you opt for.
  • It is important that you apply several drops of Gum Doctor liquid antibiotics several times a day until the gums and teeth have settled in.
  • Then use the Gum Formula once a day at bedtime to keep bacteria under control.

What to do if your Dental Implant is showing through your gums?

First things first. Get right back to the dentist who fitted the dental implant. It might be there is a simple solution and it might be that your dentist will pay for that solution. There are some very good dentists out there.

However, it might be that your gums are receding, and your dentist may be recommending an expensive course of oral surgery.

The choice is yours. However, a simple way to stop your gums from receding further will be to apply the Gum Formula antibiotics every three hours or so.

The bacteria will be killed off without harming your immune system. Try that for three weeks. You will see a vast improvement in the health of your gums in this period. It may be that your gums grow back sufficiently enough to cover the metal base of your implants.

What is Peri Implantitis infection?

Dental implants are made from titanium, which is an inert metal. It will not corrode, it will not harbor germs, it will not discolor. On the face of it, it is the perfect material for dental implants.

However, once a hole is made in your gums and the implant is fitted into your gums and jawbone, then your mouth is an open invitation for bacteria to breed in the gap between your gum and the implant.

Think about it. It is warm, damp, dark, and there is plenty of food in there. The only thing you have to kill the bacteria in your immune system. However, if your immune system is run down, maybe you have had a cold, been overworked, overstressed, poor diet or your immune system has been weakened by drugs – including antibiotics – then the bacteria could easily destroy your gums – and you will lose your teeth.

The infection is eating your gums around your implant, hence

Peri = around

Implantitis = infection around your implants

The first thing you need to do is kill the bacteria without weakening your immune system further. By applying a few drops of the Gum Formula natural antibiotics to your fingertips, then massaging the drops into the gap between your implant and gums, then this will kill the bacteria on contact.

This Gum Formula has helped save the implants of thousands of people around the world.

Do Not Lose Your Beautiful Implants!
What is the Best Peri-Implantitis Treatment?

The best peri-implantitis treatment must do three things, in this order.

  • It must quickly kill off the bacteria which is destroying your gums
  • It must promote rapid healing of your gums
  • It must not harm your immune system so that the gum infection cannot return

Almost all dentists use antibiotics to treat peri-implantitis. Whilst these powerful drugs may work in the short term, they will damage your immune system, weakening your defenses, leaving you wide open to more implantitis – and possible tooth loss in the not too distant future.

By all means use antibiotics, but you must protect your gums from being attacked in the future.

So, to keep your gums healthy – and keep your implants in perfect condition
you must follow this simple rule:

Apply two drops of Gum Formula Natural Antibiotics twice a day.
One in the morning and once at bedtime.

That’s it!

This Government Website Gives Scientific Proof and Evidence That These Ingredients Can Help Reduce the Symptoms of Peri-Implantitis

Treatments for Peri-Implantitis

Click the link to read scientific evidence for myrrh Commiphora myrrha for treating peri-implantitis infection

Click the link to read scientific evidence for Mentha × piperita for treating peri-implantitis infection

Click the link to read scientific evidence for Simmondsia chinensifor treating peri-implantitis infection

Is the Gum Doctor Formula Guaranteed to Work?

The Gum Formula natural antibiotics have never yet failed to kill the bacteria which causes peri-implantitis. Not once have they failed.

Your gums will be looking healthy and much stronger with just a few days.

If you have gum infection problems, you cannot afford to be without Gum Formula.

You need it today. You need to save your teeth, you need to save your implants – you need to save your gums.

We have made it easy for you.

How to Treat Dental Implant Infection

Here is Your 100% Cast Iron Money Back Guarantee

“If the Gum Doctor Formula natural antibiotic drops does not quickly stop your gum infection If the Gum Doctor Formula natural antibiotic drops do not instantly stop your bleeding gums If the Gum Doctor Formula natural antibiotic drops do not SAVE YOUR IMPLANTS

Then You Can Have 100% of Your Money Back Yes, A Full 100% No Questions Asked Refund. We can offer this refund to you for one reason only –

This amazing remedy really does work.

Joe Johnson
Head of Research
Homeopathic Remedy Finder Limited

What’s in the Gum Doctor Formula antibiotic drops?

The ingredients in this formula are all 100% natural. Whether you believe in God or not, Mother Nature has given us an abundance of healing herbs and powerful homeopathic substances.

After testing over three hundred different healing combinations, we struck gold with a combination that stops peri-implantitis dead in its tracks.

Three homeopathic ingredients that when combined together have a dramatic effect on the strength of your gums. They are Myristica Sebifera 12c, Bryonia 12c and Silica 12c

We then found that mixing the homeopathic tinctures with organic plant extracts of Balsamodendron Myrrh, Mentha Piperita, and Rosa damascena.

The combination has a devastating effect on oral bacteria.

We have hundreds of satisfied testimonials. Some genuine users say that their gums stopped bleeding and their teeth tightened the first day they used this Gum Formula remedy.

At the moment we have a time-sensitive offer on for the Gum Doctor Formula, with discounts of up to 55%

For more information, please click this link now

Dental Implantitis Treatment

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