list of natural remedies for gum disease

List of Natural Remedies for Gum Disease

There are many natural remedies for gum disease. Before we explore them, it is worth looking at why you are looking for a natural remedy for gum disease in the first place.

Most people are looking for a natural remedy for gum disease because they are suffering from either loose teeth, bone loss, bad breath, or there is some general form of gum infection which is causing the gums to shrink.

In almost all cases, the cause of the gum disease, the receding gums, the bleeding gums, other spongy gums, is bacteria growing in the socket between the tooth and the gum. Dentists have known this for over 100 years.

This socket it is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. If left on their own, these bacteria will soften your gums, reduce and eventually destroy your gums, which is holding the tooth in place.

So you will lose your teeth unless you effectively treat the infection in your gum.

Antibiotics for Gum Disease – how Long Does it Take to Work?

Natural Remedies for Gum Disease

Most people try antibiotics from the dentist. These often do work in the short term. For instance, you will notice after two weeks that the infection has gone, and you will think that your gums are clean and healthy.  

Normally, about a month later, you will also notice that your gums have started to bleed again, your gums have started to become spongy, and the whole process of gum infection and tooth loss has returned.  

Only this time it is worse, it is much worse  

Why is it worse? it is worse because you have weakened your already weak immune system with the use of antibiotics. These antibiotics I designed to kill life. That is where the name comes from,

anti = against
biotic = life

so, these pills are against life.

They will damage the necessary organisms of your immune system, they will weaken your immune system, so when possible avoid antibiotics.

If you are looking for a natural remedy for gum disease, what forms of natural remedies are available to you

Peppermint based Gum Disease Remedies?

Many natural remedies contain peppermint oil. The reason for this is one anybody suffering from a gum infection will normally be suffering from bad breath.

Natural Remedies for Gum Disease

This is because the bacteria breathing in your mouth, releases gas and it smells. So, the Peppermint will immediately mask that smell but it will do very little, if anything, to kill off the bacteria in your mouth. Some peppermint-based remedies may contain tea tree oil.  

Tea tree oil has been used for many years to kill off bacteria in the mouth and on the skin. Tea tree oil is a mild antibacterial and anti-fungal. It will kill off a small number of germs and leave your mouth feeling fresh.   But it is not sufficient or powerful enough to protect your gums.  

It’s not powerful enough to go down into the socket, into the root of the tooth and kill off the bacteria that that are loosening off around the roots of your teeth. So, peppermint-based remedies are generally NOT good enough

Mouthwash for Gum Disease?

You may find mouthwashes being advertised as a protection or a treatment for gum infection.   I have never yet come across a mouthwash that is strong enough to kill off the bacteria that breeds in the socket of your teeth.

Natural Remedies for Gum Disease

Whilst a mouthwash will leave your mouth smelling fresh for an hour or two, it will do nothing towards killing off the bacteria which will save your teeth.  

Do not, under any circumstances, use mouthwash as a treatment for loose teeth, gum infection, gingivitis or any part any gum ailment that needs serious antibacterial action.

Hydrogen Peroxide Solution for Gum Infections?

Natural Remedies for Gum Disease

Hydrogen Peroxide is very good for killing off surface bacteria in your mouth and gums. That is if you can get the right solution, diluted correctly, without burning your mouth, you can then swill the solution around your gums and it will kill off the surface bacteria.  

However, the hydrogen peroxide, being of being a solution that is watered down, that is weakened with water, we cannot stick to your teeth or gums. So, use it, swill it around, spit it out and that’s the end of it.

Hydrogen peroxide solution has never been proven to eradicate completely gum disease. If you are in danger of losing your teeth then I would strongly recommend not using hydrogen peroxide solution and treat your gums right, first time, so that you don’t risk losing your teeth.

Aloe Vera – a Natural Remedy for Gum Disease?

Some people recommend using aloe vera for your gum infections.   This may be effective for stopping some mild forms of gingivitis or bad breath, but it is not an effective treatment against deep-seated bacteria.  

Natural Gum Disease Remedy

Harsh infections will cause you your gums to recede and cause you to lose your teeth.   Aloe vera is NOT good enough.

Oil Pulling as a Natural Gum Disease Remedy?

Natural Gum Disease Remedy

This is an Ayurvedic treatment where a small amount of oil, usually coconut oil is swilled backward and forwards in the mouth around the tooth.   Coconut oil has antimicrobial and antibiotic effects, but this effect is extremely small   So coconut oil is not strong enough to kill off the bacteria and unless you kill this bacteria you will Orme you may lose your teeth.

I would not recommend using coconut oil pulling as a natural gum infection remedy.

Onions as a Natural Gum Disease Remedy?

Natural Gum Disease Remedy

Yes, some people actually recommend using RAW onion for the relief of gum infections.   Well, onions do have a powerful natural antibiotic and antifungal ability. However, onions absolutely stink they stink worse than bad breath caused by gum infection.   Not only that, but the onions also are not strong enough, so again you’re going to be left wide open to further infection.  

Don’t use the onion, it will stink, and it won’t work.

Lemon as a Natural Remedy for Gum Disease?

Natural Gum Disease Remedy

Lemon juice will soothe your gums and it will help to prevent bad breath.   But no lemon juice remedy is claiming to actually kill off the bacteria which will save your teeth.   Right now, your gums are being eaten alive by bacteria.   The lemon juice will not kill off his bacteria, so don’t use lemon juice other than to make your breath smell fresh

Clove oil as a Natural Remedy for Gum Disease?

Natural Gum Disease Remedy

  Clove oil has been used for thousands of years as an analgesic, that is a painkiller.   For people suffering from oral or dental problems it is an excellent painkiller.   You simply put a few drops of the neat clove oil onto your tooth and it will offer almost instant pain relief.

So, clove oil is an excellent painkiller, but it is not a good enough natural antibiotic, so on its own it is NOT a good enough natural remedy for gum infection.

Antioxidants as a Natural Remedy for Gum Disease?

Natural Gum Disease Remedy

Some people recommend the use of antioxidants to stimulate your immune system. This is probably a good idea after you have got rid of the gum infection.
Imagine if you had gone into an emergency room in a hospital suffering from a wound that needed a surgeon to fix it, would you take antioxidants? No.

You would allow the surgeon to make a physical repair of your wound. Only afterwards would you consider things like supplements to speed up the healing process. So, do not use antioxidants as a first line of defence against gum infections. Antioxidants are NOT a natural gum infection remedy

There are only two ways that I know of that you can effectively and naturally treat gum infection they are powerful antibiotic plant extracts – and powerful homeopathic ingredients that have deep antibiotic properties.

How To Get Rid Of Gum Infection Without Antibiotics

PROOF on US Government Website:
This unique Gum Disease Formula contains powerful antibiotic plant extracts from Mother Nature

Here is a scientific research project proving that Myrrha does kill the bacteria that cause gum disease.

The Gum Formula also contains 3 homeopathic treatments that help kill the bacteria and support your immune system. These homeopathic treatments are
Myristica sebifera 12c, Bryonia 12c, Silica 12c

List of Natural Remedies for Gum Disease

Herbal and Homeopathic Natural Gum Disease Remedies

Strong Herbs + Proven Homeopathy = The Best Natural Remedy for Gum Disease

Reviews for This Natural Gum Disease Treatment

Reviews natural gum disease treatments
Most of the reviews for this natural remedy for gum disease get 4 out of 5 stars.

“The very best gum disease treatment I have ever tried, it worked for me where antibiotics had failed. I had gingivitis again, and I feared the worst …Thank God, you discovered those herbs. My gingivitis was gone in 3 days.” Maria R – New York

natural remedy for gum disease

“Dear Customer Service Department,
it worked! Just like you said it would. My gums are growing again, my teeth are tighter, and my breath is so much fresher!

Please send me three more – I never want to run the risk again. You have saved my teeth with this amazing gingivitis gum disease remedy. Please send me four more bottles.
I think every member of my family should protect their teeth and gums with Gum Doctor.” Larry W – Louisville

natural remedy for gum disease

“Hi there, many thanks for sending me details of the web site again. I have to say that I have suffered from gum disease for about 8 years on and off.
I have tried many remedies, and have had antibiotics and different drugs from specialists, and I have to admit I was on the verge of trying to lose all my teeth, till I saw your web site.
Your treatment DOES work. It is wonderful. My breath is fresher (and this is something that was beginning to depress me) and my gums are slowly growing back. Thank you so much.” Margery A – Portland

natural remedy for gum disease

“I watched your online gum disease and gingivitis videos, then I gently touched the plant extracts onto my gums. I thought it wasn’t gonna work because there was so little of the stuff.
Then I noticed it ‘sticks’ to my gums, and it tasted so nice! It reminds me of those violet candies I used to eat as a kid. Within three days I knew it had done the job.
My gums are hard, my teeth are not loose, and my breath is so much fresher. I keep the tiny bottle in my purse wherever I go.”
Carol B – Perth Australia

natural remedy for gum disease

“For years I have had to spend at least 15-20 minutes every morning and night gently cleaning my teeth and swilling my gums with mouthwash.
I was told your bottles will last me months, but I will never run out of this Gum system ever. My mouth, my teeth, my gums are all feeling great, no gingivitis, no bleeding at all.
I am still feeling great and will continue to use the system every week as the videos said to. Thanks again for this great Gum remedy of yours.”
Kelly D – Las Vegas

natural remedy for gum disease

The second way of killing off the bacteria in your gums is the use of a herb and a natural plant extract which has been used for thousands of years by soldiers on the battlefield.

Roman soldiers used to use myrrh resin if they were struck with a sword. They used to put myrrh resin into the wound, as it killed off all the bacteria on contact. Not only that, but it’s also stayed in place. It’s sticky, so it stays in the wound killing off the bacteria and stopping any infection.

Organic myrrh oil is the only natural substance that I have found which has been proven to kill off the bacteria that is breeding in your gums right now.

Simply apply a couple of drops of this herbal remedy which is combined with the homeopathic ingredients and the combination will be enough to quickly and easily and naturally get rid of the bacteria which is breeding in the margins of your teeth, which is exactly what you need to do.

This remedy which was called Gum Doctor but is now a called New Gum Formula, it will kill off all the bacteria in your gums.

Just apply a couple of times a day and a couple of drops in the night time before you go to bed.

It normally works within 24 hours.  It will certainly get rid of your gum infection and it will instantly freshen your breath.

But more important than your breath, it will stop you from losing your gums – which in turn will stop you from losing your teeth.

No Small Print Guarantee  
We guarantee that this remedy will quickly and safely stop gum infections, reduce receding gums, reduce bone loss, stop bleeding gums, spongy gums.

This natural remedy for Gum Disease, Loose Teeth, Bone Loss, and Bad Breath is the last line of defense if you have peri-implantitis.   If for any reason you are not 100% Satisfied with how well this remedy reduces your gum infection, then simply email customer service and you will receive an instant 100% refund – no questions asked
Joe Johnson


“I wanted to thank you for your site! Seriously — this stuff TOTALLY blows away anything similar to it, and I can tell you right now – using your simple treatment I fully expect my mouth to be the healthiest it has ever been in my whole life! “Incredible” is a gross understatement, Joe, I can’t thank you enough for this!” Simon V – Washington, DC

For a Very Limited Time Only – There is over 50% Discount and

It will prevent bone loss and it is so powerful a natural remedy that we guarantee it will get rid of your gum infection – or you can have 100% of the money back. That guarantee will be honored for 90 days – that’s three whole months. We will even give you your money back if you have used all the remedies.

We are so convinced that this is the ultimate natural gum infection remedy because we have helped over two hundred thousand people since this remedy was first invented a few years ago. Many of these satisfied customers, having got rid of their gum infection, having saved their teeth, they now put just two drops a day onto their gums – to keep any future gum infection from ever coming back.

“Using Gum Doctor Treatment, I had used it for three or four days and Wham – my gums look pink, healthy and they feel hard again. Why are Dentists and Doctors so against natural remedies?
These last few days have resulted in a mind-boggling improvement in the health of my gums. I feel so great I hardly noticed my gum disease disappearing- but it did.” Linda J – Florida

 New Gum Formula is 100% organic, is 100% natural and it’s very simple and easy to use.

This combination remedy is a breakthrough in the treatment of gum infection. New Gum Formula is the most powerful natural gum infection remedy on the market today.

Many dentists are giving this to their clients as a follow up after dental treatment because it keeps down any infection.

“Hi, my teeth had been loose on and off for months, my gums were bleeding and I tried antibiotics three times- but the problem kept coming back. I applied your plant extracts with my finger for only 10 seconds 3 times a day seems to have sorted it.” John B – Birmingham

In fact, many dentists who fix dental implants and jaw bone implants into the patient, they are now recommending the use of new Gum Formula, this homeopathic and herbal formula, to keep down any gum infection.

It is used by many dentists as standard follow-up treatment after dental implant surgery.

 New Gum Formula has saved thousands of dental implants from coming out.  The herbs and homeopathic medications prevent peri-implantitis, which is an increasingly common infection after having dental implants fitted.

If you have any doubt at all about how powerful New Gum Formula is, then watch this video.

The antibiotics helped a little, but the infection returned, and he was in danger of losing all his implants.

Look at what he did and what he has to say about New Gum Formula and his gum infections.

Peri implantitis, that is the gum infection caused by implants, this infection has been quickly eradicated with a few drops of New Gum Formula.

This remedy is quick, simple, and easy to use. For more details of how to you how easy it is to use this remedy and a time-sensitive over 50% discount offer – then please click the link below

Natural Remedies for Gum Disease

“I could taste the bad breath caused by the bleeding gums. I was so embarrassed, but it got more serious when my dentist told me I could lose my teeth. I put two drops on my gums three or four times a day and by the time I had used half a bottle, the bleeding had stopped, and my dentist is ‘curious’ to say the least! Thanks so much for a great invention.”
Melanie C – Oklahoma City

Last but not least, you need to know that you have the power and the intelligence to get rid of your gum disease.

Always get yourself checked out by your dentist. On the whole, they are kind, caring, intelligent and professional. If you need your teeth sorted – get them sorted. But then it is up to you to look after your gums – and never suffer from gum disease again.

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