male genital itching treatment

8 Male Genital Itching Treatments

If you know a poor guy who is looking for male genital itching treatments – please share this article with him– I am going to share with you the 8 causes and treatments for an itchy penis and this info will really help him.

best natural way to treat yeast infection
This fungus is eating your penis, scrotum, and anus.
You have to kill it – without harming your body. Fortunately, that is simple.

If you have got an itchy penis, itchy balls, or an itchy backside-then now is the time to cheer up. You can be cured very quickly.

You are now going to discover three simple secrets that Doctor has ever told you about your itching genitals.

In this article you are going to know:

What Causes Your Itchy Private Parts?

How to get rid of your itching penis,scrotum and anus–fast.

How to prevent this embarrassing and sometimes painful and unsightly condition from ever coming back.

As a bonus you are going to discover a simple secret that makes the skin on your penis look irresistibly attractive to your sexual partner.

Common Questions Male Genital Itching Treatment

Why does my penis itch?
Itchy foreskin no rash?
Can my boyfriend be allergic to my discharge?
Itching inside urethra male?
Itching inside the tip of the urethra?
How to Get Rid of Jock Itch Overnight?
How to Get Rid of Balanitis Permanently

List of 8 Reasons Why Your Penis Is Itchy

(Your Scrotum and backside Too!)

Itching Penis Natural Treatment
Itching genitals is NOT about personal hygiene – so you cannot wash it away

Let’s start with the most common reason first.

  1. Candidiasis-also called a Yeast Infection, red penis skin, red foreskin, red shaft, dry flaky skin on penis and scrotum)

Every healthy man’s genitals (and woman’s too) are covered in tiny organisms, including yeast or fungi.

It is only when your body’s delicate immune system is upset that the fungus starts to breed faster, thus causing your penis and backside to itch. There is a very simple and powerful remedy for this called Itchy Penis Treatment.

2. Diabetes. Heads Up Warning: If you have a persistent yeast infection on your penis, between your legs or around your backside, then it may be that you are showing the first signs of type 2 diabetes, so get yourself checked out.

If you have got type 2 diabetes, DO NOT WORRY. It is 100% reversible without drugs. Check out the recent presentation to the UK Government by one of Britain’sleading Cardiologists. In the meantime, use the Itchy Penis Formula to kill the yeast infection and improve the appearance of your genitals.

On this site, we will show you how to get rid of type 2 diabetes without drugs.

3. Pubic Lice (Crabs) These lice are tiny creatures that attach themselves to the pubic hair of humans. If you look and you see these tiny creatures attached to your pubes, get to the drug store, it is easily cleared up using a specific drug.

4. Folliculitis This is a common skin condition in which the base of your hair follicles become inflamed. Take a close look at the base of your pubic hair. It’s usually caused by a bacterial or fungal infection and cleared up very easily. Shave your pubic hair off, (donut worry, it soon grows back) then wash with gentle antibacterial soap.

Apply the Itchy Penis Formula – Folliculitis normally gone in a few days.

5. Genital Herpes This is a sexually transmitted infection caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) or type 2(HSV-2). The herpes blisters are not always there, often your penis is clear. However, during an outbreak, blisters can appear on your penis shaft and tip.

You can either treat with drugs like acyclovir(Zovirax), famciclovir (Famvir), and valacyclovir(Valtrex), (these look like white paint), or use a natural remedy. These too are very strong, they work, often containing essential oil and homeopathic remedies for herpes and genital warts that kills the virus and heals the skin.

Here is the best natural remedy for genital herpes.

Genital herpes very often affects the bell end or glans penis and the foreskin of the penis. This herpes remedy will stop herpes on your penis fast.

6. Lichen Nitidus: Do you have any tiny white lumps or balls under your penis skin? That may be Lichen nitidus. Don’tworry it is not physically serious, though it can be unsightly and upsetting.

It can last for a few months to a year or two. This unsightly condition canbe encouraged to go and treated with the application of Itchy Penis Formulation, which is a natural Lichen Nitidus remedy. It takes a few weeks for it to go completely.

Apply three times a day. It will look better immediately though takes a while to go completely.

7. Genital Warts. Genital warts are a sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by a virus. Warts often can be seen on the glans penis (bell end). Genital warts may also appear on the shaft of the penis and in the pubic area.

The much stronger Genital Wart Formula will cause genital warts to soften and fall off, though it does take between 4 to 10 days.

8. Scabies. This is an infestation of the skin with the microscopic mite Sarcoptes scabiei. It is caused by meeting someone else who has the parasite.

Scabies is not necessarily a sexually transmitted disease (STD). You can get them from places like hospitals, old folks homes, child-care nursery’s, you are not safe anywhere…

treatment for itching penis, dry skin penis, red rash penis, yeast infection, balanitis,
This makes the skin on your penis clean, no red rash,. no dry skin, no flaking skin, no itching at all. After a 48 hours the skin is clean, fresh and gleaming like new

You normally get severe itching of the scrotum, buttocks, and penis. Sometimes your finger webs, belly button, and the armpits can be affected as well. Whilst there are natural remedies for scabies, personally I think this is best treated with a simple drug from the drug store.

Male Genital Itching Treatment

Why does my penis itch?

As mentioned above there could be many reasons why your penis itches, the most common being a fungal infection.

Please note, this is NOT often caused by poor hygiene.

Your genitals are warm, they are damp, and your skin provides the perfect food for the yeast.

No matter if your itchy penis looks red, sore, swollen, or dry and flaky, the treatment is the same.

Clean your skin with a good quality soap, preferably one that is not too harsh on your delicate skin.

Apply the Itchy Penis Formula. This will kill the fungus and start to heal your skin. It should be gone in a few days.

Male Genital Itching Treatment
Itchy Foreskin No Rash

If you have an itchy foreskin and no rash, don’t worry.This is a very common symptom of male yeast infection. It is often the early stage of male yeast infection. If left untreated, it tends to result in a rash on the penis or dry flaking skin on the penis.

It is very easy to treat, and the Itchy Penis Formula will give instant relief, whether the itching is on the penis, scrotum or anus.

Apply in a few seconds and the itchy will disappear virtually a few seconds later.

Male Genital Itching Treatment
Can my girlfriend be allergic to my semen?

If your girlfriend gets itchy after sex, it is possible that she is allergic to your fluids–but it is unlikely and either way, it is a skin reaction that can be treated easily.

If your girlfriend has a no-symptoms, low-level yeast infection – she wouldn’t know. But in the background, there is a war taking place on the skin of her sex organs.

The skin becomes more and more reactive as it tries to get rid of the yeast infection. When you have sex and her organs become covered in your fluids, it can sometimes trigger her skin to react.

It is not your fluids that are the problem, but her no-symptom, low-level yeast infection. Apply the Itchy Penis Formula three times a day and it will kill any yeast infection. You can even apply the Itchy Penis Formula to your penis before sex–this will provide a gentle barrier and not interfere with your sex life at all.

The itchy penis treatment can be applied to the penis before sex and even before oral sex. It is invisible, tasteless, odorless, and actually enhances the ‘glow’ of the penis skin.

Male Genital Itching Treatment

Itching Inside Urethra Male

When you experience an itching inside your urethra it can be several things, and you can have an inflamed urethra with a discharge or without a discharge.

The most common reason for itching inside theurethra, (that’s the scientific name for the tube your urine passes out of), is a bacterial infection. This bacterial infection can be a sexually transmitted infection, known as an STI, or it can be an infection that has occurred naturally. Either way, it is a good idea to go to your Doctor or local STI clinic and get it checked out.

The normal course of treatment for male urethra infection is a course of antibiotics. This treatment normally lasts seven days and will almost always get rid of your itching or inflammation inside your urethra.

Viral infection could be the cause of the itching inside your urethra. This can only be confirmed by having a very quick test at your Doctors or local sexual health clinic. Again, there are simple treatments for viral urethra infections, and they work well.

You may have a yeast infection inside your urethra, but this is hard to treat in a simple way as you can not apply the normal cremes or other lotions. The Itchy Penis Formula is excellent at getting rid of yeast infection on your penis, scrotum, and around your anus, but you cannot use it for itching in your urethra.

There are home remedies for urethra infection, but personally I would not risk them and let me explain why. Your urethra is a small delicate tube. It is easily damaged by infection.

The longer your urethra is infected the more damage can be done. If left infected for a long period you can cause permanent damage to the structure of the tube, causing problems with passing urine and ejaculation later. So, the quicker you get your urethral infection sorted the better.

Sometimes modern drugs are the sensible answer.

Itching Inside Tip of Urethra

If you have itching inside the tip of your urethra or burning in the tip of your penis, then the same advice applies. Go to your Doctor or your local STD clinic. If you are in a relationship, I know it can be emotionally frightening for you. Don’t worry, the clinics are totally confidential, and they will be able to help you.

Millions of men and women are treated confidentially by the STI or STD clinics every year. Be brave, get the treatment, and get on and enjoy your life.

Male Genital Itching and Burning

How to Get Rid of Jock Itch Overnight

causes of an itchy penis
All men, young and old get jock itch.
The cure for jock itch is simple.
Kill the fungus without harming your delicate immune system.

Jock Itch is an extremely common condition experienced by most men at some point in their lives. If you have jock itch, this is how to get rid of jock itch overnight.

In the morning, wash your penis, scrotum and anus with a mild soap. Towel dry.

Apply the Jock Itch Creme Formula by gently applying a few drops of the clear oily liquid to the affected areas.

Carry the small bottle with you and apply three times that day.

Before bedtime, wash your penis, scrotum and anus with a mild soap. Towel dry.

Apply the Jock Itch Treatment by gently applying a few drops of the clear oily liquid to the affected areas.

In the morning you will see that your jock itch has gone.

However, keep applying the Jock Itch Formula in the same way for the next few days just to get rid of any stubborn fungi spores that may be present in your skin.

Remember to change your underwear every day.

Once you are completely satisfied that you are clear of your jock itch, apply twice a week to stop it ever coming back.

How to Get Rid of Balanitis Permanently

If you want to know how to get rid of balanitis permanently, then you need to take a slightly different approach than jock itch.

Balanitis is usually caused by a yeast infection or by an overly tight foreskin. It can sometimes be caused by a bacterial infection, but this is not usual. So, let’s look at how to treat yeast infection and the tight foreskin.

What Causes Male Genital Itching?

Balanitis caused by a Yeast Infection:

This is the easiest form of balanitis to treat. Have a read of the how to get rid of jock itch information above. You treat balanitis in the same way, the only difference being that you concentrate the application of the Formulation under your foreskin.

Keep applying the formulation up to six times a day. The formulation will not harm the skin on your glans or your foreskin.

Itching Penis Natural Treatment

It will kill the fungus which is causing your balanitis. Once the balanitis has gone, apply the natural balanitis treatment twice a week to prevent the balanitis from returning.

Balanitis caused by a Tight Foreskin

The way to treat balanitis caused by an overly tight foreskin involves two things. First you must reduce the inflammation and discomfort by applying the balanitis natural treatment three times a day until the soreness has reduced substantially.

This may take a couple of days. Obviously no two penises are the same, so this is general advice. The next stage is to begin ‘stretching’ your foreskin. This may sound barbaric or frightening but it can be achieved without any pain at all.

Stretching Your Foreskin – very gently

The idea is to stretch your foreskin by pulling your foreskin into a bigger and bigger circle.

You can start to do this by first applying the balanitis formulation to the inside of your foreskin, then inserting the blunt end of two teaspoon handles under your foreskin, then ever so gently stretching the skin apart.

The need for gentleness and patience cannot be overstated here–take your time.

But this simple method does kill the yeast infection and stretches your foreskin. If you don’t fancy doing this, then there is a balloon-like device available online. The balloon is inserted under the foreskin, then inflated with a small syringe. I do know of one person who used this device, but he found that his foreskin would not stretch, no matter how hard he tried to inflate the balloon.

Personally, I think the two-teaspoon method works far better.

What are the ingredients in Itchy Penis and Balanitis Formulas? The ingredients in these treatments are pure, natural, and organic. They are proven to work and have been selected after extensive trials with men from several countries, young and old with all kinds of penis problems. These natural penis treatments really work.

The best way to get rid of the itchy penis, itchy scrotum (balls), and itchy anus problems.

You can use either the
Itchy Penis treatment

Red Rash Penis Treatment

Dry Skin Penis treatment

Balanitis treatment

Jock Itch treatment

Itching Anus treatment

All these treatments work equally well, as they are made from the same powerful ingredients.

The ingredients are:
Active Ingredients:
Mercurius solubilis 12c
Kreosotum 12c
Arsenicum album 12c
Other Ingredients:
Organic Thymus Serpyllum
Organic Melaleuca Alternifolia
Organic Tagetes
Organic Citrus limon
Organic Prunus dulcis

itching penis natural remedy

The USA Government Website Gives Scientific PROOF and Evidence That These Ingredients Help Get Rid of Male Genital Itching

Click link to read scientific evidence for Thymus Serpyllum

Click link to read scientific evidence for Melaleuca Alternifolia

Click link to read scientific evidence for Tagetes

Click link to read scientific evidence for Citrus limon

Click link to read scientific evidence for Prunus dulcis

Does Itchy Penis Formula have any side effects?

Unlike Diflucan, steroid creams and hydrocortisone (relieves skin itching, redness, and inflammation) antifungal medication (eliminates fungal infections, including yeast infections), that have severe and risky side effects – there have been no reported side effects with Penis Formulas at all.


The combined effect of these ingredients is a breakthrough in the treatment of penile itching, scrotum itching, and anus or rectal itching.

Traditionally, herbal extracts and homeopathic ingredients are not mixed together, yet the combined effect has a miraculous and immediate effect of

stopping itchy penis, including shaft, tip, glans, stopping itchy scrotum, stopping itching anus, stopping rock itch, stopping balanitis without any side effects at all.

TESTED #1 =- Male Genital Itching Treatment

Does the Itchy Penis Formula Work for Everyone? Yes.

We have never yet heard of this natural penile itching treatment not working. Usually, your itchy penis symptoms will be gone in a few days. Depending on your general health, your diet, and other factors then it may take a little longer.

Question – What Causes Male Genital Itching?
Answer – Fungus
Kill the fungus with a natural remedy then get your health back – quickly.

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