Your mouth is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Fortunately, the bacteria are trapped in your mouth, so you can kill them without harming your gums or the rest of your body.

Simply massage into your gums these pleasant tasting natural antibiotics and homeopathic essences and your gum problem will be dramatically reduced and go away over a few days.

For throat conditions like laryngitis and pharyngitis, the natural antibiotics are inhaled in a vapor, for instant relief and results.

Sinusitis, Flu, and Post Nasal Drip are also very easily treated for good. Simply inhale 3 x a day. The infection will be gone very quickly but can last up to 5 days.

Neuralgia patients from all over the world use our unique trigeminal neuralgia formula. Simply massage the clear, odourless oil remedy onto your jaw, face, and any other affected area.