Candida Yeast Thrush Doctor

30ml (1.01 FL OZ)

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  • 100% Natural & Gentle. No pain or irritation*
  • Highest quality homeopathic & essential oils ingredients*

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Candida Yeast Thrush Doctor quickly kills the fungus that is causing your genital or anal fungal infection. It will quickly clear any itch or rash on your anus, vagina, penis or scrotum. It rejuvenates and heals your genital skin – starting the very first time you use it.*

Candida Yeast Thrush Doctor gets rid of…
Vaginal itch,
Vaginal Discharge,
Anal Itch,
Red Skin Patches on Genitals
Penile Rash
Scrotum Rash
Vaginal itch,
Vaginal Discharge,
It works for women too.
It gets rid of vaginal itch very fast.
Dry Skin
Flaking Skin
Red Skin Patches
White Skin Patches

Candida Yeast Thrush Doctor works by quickly killing the fungus that is causing the rash on your genitals.

There are many names for this common condition….

Yeast Infection
Candida Albicans
Jock Itch
Itchy Testicles ( Itchy Balls)
Itchy Cock ( Itchy Penis)
Itchy Ass ( Itchy Anus) etc
Vaginal Irritation
Pruritis ani

This unique formula will quickly work on all these conditions.*

Simply dab a few drops of Candida Yeast Thrush Doctor, a clear odorless oil onto your genital skin for instant relief.

Your skin will INSTANTLY STOP ITCHING – and you will feel so much better.*
Use the Candida Yeast Thrush Doctor for healing genital and anal skin conditions.*
Works for all men and women from 3 months to 100 years young.

Benefits of Using Candida Yeast Thrush Doctor  remedy:
Fast relief from all types of genital skin.*
Instantly improves the feel and appearance of your affected skin.*

The patches of itchiness or rash will appear to vanish the very first time you use this remedy.*
Improves your sex life – no more embarrassment.*
Natural fast dry skin relief*
Safe & gentle.
Fast relief from anal itch, vaginal itch, penis rash, dry, itching, or flaking penis skin.*
Heals scrotum skin very quickly*
Heals anus skin quickly – even if it has been scratched or damaged.
Fast relief of all genital itch symptoms.*
Quickly heals  skin to healthy condition*
Highest quality Organic natural ingredients*
Contains booster of 5 recommended homeopathic remedies*
Use once a day to prevent any genital itching problems from returning*

100% Money-Back Guarantee is this does not get rid of your Candida Yeast Thrush problem.
Or for any reason at all – no questions asked.

  • Manufactured in the USA and UK
  • Highest quality ingredients
  • 100% natural and gentle on the skin
  • Over 1,000,000 products sold since 1993
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee



Candida Yeast Thrush Doctor


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