Dog Mouth Doctor - Stops ALL of Your Dogs Gum Infections Fast - Instantly Gets Rid of Any Bad Dog Breath - and Reduces Tooth Decay and Toothache


Dog Mouth Doctor - This Natural Antibiotic Formula Kills the Bacteria that is the Cause Of Your Your Dogs Bad Breath, Your Dogs Gum Infection - It Works ON CONTACT


Dog Mouth Doctor*

30ml (1.01 FL OZ)

$87.00 Save: $38.00 (30%)

  • Discreet Packaging Guaranteed
  • Simply Apply a Few Drops to Your Dogs Infected Gums With Your Fingertip - At first 3 Times a Day for 3 - 5 Days - Then Use It Once Every Few Days to Keep Your Dogs Breath Fresh, the Gums Hard and Healthy and Infection Free
  • The First Time You Use Dog Mouth Doctor on Your Dog, the Foul Breath Stops. Period. The Gums and Teeth Will Be Infection Free and Your Dogs Happiness Starts Coming Back*
  • 100% Natural & Gentle. No pain or irritation*
  • Highest quality homeopathic & essential oils ingredients*

* Results may vary. No guarantee of specific results.


"I wanted to thank you for your Dog Mouth Doctor. Our dog had stinking breath and gum infection that would not go away, no matter what my vet prescribed. I bought your treatment and followed it exactly. It worked within 2 days, and now my dog's mouth looks and smells healthy! Thank you."

"I was looking all over for a solution to my dog's teeth issues and I came across Dog Mouth Doctor. It's a lot cheaper than the junk my vet was selling me and it works better."

I love Dog Mouth Doctor! My dog used to look so sad, and now she's running around like a puppy again. I'm going to order some more before we run out. Thanks!

"I have an 11-year-old border collie who was having a lot of trouble with her teeth and gum disease. After seeing my vet multiple times and spending hundreds of dollars, I decided to give this a try. This stuff works great!

"I just tried the Dog Mouth Doctor and it worked so well that I am thrilled - and so is Benji my poodle. Benji has been sick for a while now and some of his teeth were falling out, but after one treatment of your Dog Mouth Formula, he was smiling and running around the yard like a puppy again. After a week or so it even stopped his gum disease. My vet is pissed off as he isn't getting the hundreds a month off me anymore."

"I can't believe the difference it's made. I'm not spending a fortune at the vet and my dog has fresh breath and is running around so happy!

"We have a beautiful old dog named Daisy. She was losing her teeth and I was getting worried about the cost of dental surgery for her. It's expensive! My son gave me a bottle of your Dog Mouth Doctor formula and told me to give it to her twice a day. She has been taking it for nearly two weeks now and her mouth is looking so much healthier already. Please send me some more, it's a life-changer, for me and for Daisy."

" Your Dog Mouth Doctor works great on both of our dogs. The dog breath used to be overpowering, now they are as fresh as puppies! One of my dogs had a problem with his teeth, but I found this amazing product cleared it up in a matter of weeks!

"I honestly know for a fact that you saved my dog's life. I'm so glad I got the remedy in time. I will never buy anything else for my dog's mouth again. And I will definitely tell my friends with dogs about it. It's a great product and I can't believe it costs so much less than the stuff my vet sold me."



Dog Mouth Doctor Natural Remedy for quickly healing and rejuvenating infected gums.*
Works for all types of oral infection*.

Benefits of Using the Dog Mouth Doctor Remedy:

  • Your Dogs Bad Breath INSTANTLY Disappears
  • Your Dogs gums will HARDEN
  • You will save a great deal on vet bills and insurance.

It is 100% organic and is truly a miracle natural drug.

  • Stops Dogs Bad Breath.
  • Stops Dogs Bleeding Gums*
  • Stops Dogs Receding Gums*
  • Stops Gingivitis.*
  • Helps prevent tooth loss.*
  • Safe & gentle.
  • Fast relief from swollen, infected, or inflamed gums.*
  • Heals your dog’s gums very quickly*
  • Highest quality Organic natural ingredients*
  • Contains booster of 5 recommended homeopathic remedies*
  • Use once every few days to prevent gum problems from returning*

100% Money-Back Guarantee is this does not get rid of your dogs breath and gum problem.

  • Manufactured in the USA and UK
  • Highest quality ingredients
  • 100% natural and gentle on the skin
  • Over 1,000,000 products sold since 1993
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee



Dog Mouth Doctor*


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