Gum Doctor - Stops ALL Gum Infections including Bleeding Gums, Receding Gums, Swollen Gums, Gingivitis and Saves Loose Teeth*


Gum Doctor - The Natural Antibiotic Formula Kills Bacteria - the Cause Of Your Gum Infection - On Contact*


Gum Doctor

30ml (1.01 FL OZ)

$137.00 Save: $69.00 (33%)

  • Discreet Packaging Guaranteed
  • Apply a Few Drops of Gum Doctor to Your Infected Gums With Your Finger - Tip 3 Times a Day For 3 - 5 Days - Then Use It Once a Day To Keep Your Gums Fresh, Hard, Healthy and Infection Free*
  • The First Time You Use Gum Doctor, the Bleeding Stops, the Foul Breath Stops, Gums Stop Receding - Your Confidence Starts Coming Back*
  • 100% Natural & Gentle. No pain or irritation*
  • Highest quality homeopathic & essential oils ingredients*

* Results may vary. No guarantee of specific results.


"It worked exactly as you said in the video. I had a bad case of gum disease and was told I needed expensive surgery to save my teeth. Then I found your site and ordered your treatment. My dentist tells me I no longer need any dental treatment. I told him about your Gum Remedy but he says he is not allowed to prescribe any natural treatments, he can only point patients to your site. You should be so proud of your remedy. Well done Joe Johnson!"

"I wanted to thank you for your product. I had a gum infection that would not go away, no matter what my dentist prescribed. I bought your treatment and followed it exactly. It worked within 2 days, and now my gums are great! Thank you so much."

"I have been using it for 3 days and my gums no longer bleed. And my gums are not puffy anymore either."

"I've been using it for a week and my gums are definitely better. I'm not bleeding when I brush my teeth anymore, and I can see that the inflammation is almost gone. So far so good. The more I use it the better my mouth feels. Can someone please get in touch as I want to order more but at your discounted offer I saw."

"I suffer from an auto-immune disease and I have been diagnosed with gum disease. This is the best natural treatment I have ever tried. It worked for me where antibiotics had failed. I had gingivitis again, and I feared the worst … Thank God, you discovered this miracle treatment. My gingivitis was gone in 3 days."

"After trying antibiotic treatment and other gum disease treatments for months, I was about to lose all my teeth. I tried your natural antibiotic treatment and my bleeding gums are almost healed."

"I was in pain, swelling and redness, my teeth were loose, I took antibiotics, and they didn't work. Nothing worked until I tried this gum disease treatment. It saved my teeth from falling out. My gums are now like they were when I was a teenager."

"I have struggled with gum problems for years. Bleeding gums, loose teeth, disappearing gums, foul tastes, you name it, I had it. I tried using antibiotics, mouthwash, and prescription toothpaste to help but nothing worked for longer than a month. One day I decided to stop using them altogether, and just use your natural remedy instead. And it worked like a charm. I never leave the house without it."

"I've been using it for 4 days, and my gums are almost back to normal. Usually, when I floss, it's very painful, but since using this treatment, I am able to floss without nearly as much pain. Thank you so much for sharing this with us."

"I am a mother of two young children and I work full time. I have gingivitis, and the condition was slowly getting worse. I had to find a solution because the bleeding, swelling, and bad breath were starting to get really bad. And then I found your free e-book. I then bought your remedy. It worked like you said it would."



How to Cure implantitis Naturally Without Medication

Gum Doctor Natural Remedy for quickly healing and rejuvenating infected gums.*
Works for all types of oral infection inclining gingivitis, periodontal disease, and gum disease*.

Benefits of Using Gum Doctor Natural Remedy:

  • You will FEEL your gums FRESHEN
  • You will FEEL your gums HARDEN

It is 100% organic and is truly a miracle natural remedy.

  • Stops Bleeding Gums*
  • Stops Receding Gums*
  • Stops Peri-Implantitis.*
  • Stops Gingivitis.*
  • Helps prevent tooth loss.*
  • Safe & gentle.
  • Fast relief from swollen, infected, or inflamed gums.*
  • Heals your gums very quickly*
  • Highest quality Organic natural ingredients*
  • Contains booster of 5 recommended homeopathic remedies*
  • Use once a day to prevent gum problems from returning*

100% Nothing to Risk Money-Back Guarantee
This WILL get rid of your gum problem.

  • Manufactured in the USA and UK
  • Highest quality ingredients
  • 100% natural and gentle on the skin
  • Over 1,000,000 products sold since 1993
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee



Gum Doctor


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